NanoPi Cases, Boards & Accessories

NanoPi cases & boardsFriendlyElec’s NanoPi boards are really promising and are doing well across the globe by attracting the tech-geeks. We offer complete range of top-quality NanoPi single-board computers at fairly competitive prices. You’ve reached just the right place to choose and purchase the NanoPi computers you’ve looking for. We offer NanoPi K2, NanoPi M1 Plus, NEO2, NEO Plus2, NEO Air, NanoPC-T2 and more.

Along with the NanoPi boards, KKSB metallic casings for your NanoPi boards are also on offer. These beautiful and reliable metal cases features laser-cut precision. These low price cases are exclusive KKSB production. You’ll love one of these protecting your NanoPi board. Scroll down to have a look at NanoPi boards, accessories, and KSSB metal cases.