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High-quality products, metal cases for Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Arduino case and many more!​ Design by KKSB in Sweden shipping worldwide. Select brand below or see all products in our shop.

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KKSB Metal Raspberry Pi Case - Video review

Quality Cases, Boards & Accessories for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NanoPi, Odroid, Udoo, BeagleBoard and many more...

KKSB CASES aim to provide Quality Metal Raspberry Pi Case, Arduino Case and BeagleBone Case

​KKSB designs several enclosures and cases for electronic such as single board computers, tablets, and custom cases. We can create high-quality products with an efficient manufacturing. Now is the third generation raspberry pi out. The new Raspberry Pi 3 has another specification than before. It has a new CPU, wireless LAN, Bluetooth. Most users should have a good protection for their Raspberry Pi case.

The KKSB Raspberry Pi Case 3 B Fits this circuit board very well. The metal case is made of steel and stainless steel and has a very robust design.

The Arduino Case is also very widely used to protect the board from damage.
Raspberry Pi is widely used in schools and maker communities all over the world and has become the most sold single board computer in the world. Therefore is our main focus to supply the world with Raspberry Pi case 3B and raspberry pi cases and other of the single board computer. The Raspberry Pi 3 and 3B has a similar shape to the previous Pi 2 and has complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 2.

We are using similar robust design to our Arduino case and to out Arduino Uno case and Arduino Mega case.
KKSB-cases also design custom computer cases for Arduino and BeagleBone for custom applications.

Some other boards that we aim to soon protect are Ipad, Ipod, Pine64, ASUS Tinker Board, Udoo x86 Ultra, Odroid, Lattepanda, C.H.I.P and more.
All these single board computers work very well for DIY projects, hacker nights, and embedded projects.
The recommendation for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B for use in schools or for any other use for serious companies and hobbyists. Also a good media station to stream TV and movies.
Raspberry Pi is a fully functional Linux computer and the Arduino is a microcontroller. It does not run an operating system. The board runs very specifically, small blocks of code written by the person using it. There are numerous additional boards that give it new possibilities.

Short about Arduino

An example of what an Arduino can do:

An Arduino board can work with input/output. Contol thinks with sensors or buttons. It can activate LEDs or publish something online. It is easy to use with its software and hardware. Arduino uses Arduino Software (IDE). But the programming depends on the application and wiring. Another good thing is that Arduino is open source. The software, too, is open-source, and it is growing through the contributions of users worldwide.

The Arduino circuit board is now the brain in several projects around the worls. Both in hobby projects, for example, 3d printers and in advanced applications. The experience of using the Arduino is that it is very user-friendly but still widely flexible to fit advanced users.

General Case Design
Design and manufacturing of enclosures such as Raspberry Pi cases and other single board computers depend on less successful past precedents than the applying of building science. This can be not as a result of there's very little to be learned from existing buildings, however, is owing to the changes in materials and strategies that results from building technology innovation.
Combined with growing expectations for top performance, the building enclosure style is currently needed to satisfy anoutsized variety of performance parameters that weren't given an excellent deal of thought within the past. Building enclosures were continually expected to be sturdy and supply a degree of environmental separation.
This is a list of interesting design parameters important to consider.

Case Design Parameters

  1. Rigid design

  2. Fire protection

  3. Liquid water movement

  4. Fire Air Flow / Ventilation

  5. Aesthetic Aspect

  6. Production Cost

Enclosures with performance-based style is not a replacement plan and in fields like structural engineering, limit states style has been deployed to dependably reach acceptable levels of performance.

There stay variety of challenges to beat before an identical approach is accessible for building enclosure style. Till such time, the data that follows is meant to produce a sensible framework for applying building science principles and techniques to the look of well acting building enclosures.

Some of our products: Raspberry Pi 3 metal case , Odroid xu4 case, Udoo x86 case, Raspberry Pi 3 Gothia case model 3 b, Raspberry Pi case model A metal, Arduino Case metal project, Arduino Uno case, Beaglebone case brushed steel, Raspberry Zero case, KKSB Display Stand black, KKSB aluminium phone tablet stand