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KKSB Raspberry Pi 5 Case Aluminium Black

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Welcome to KKSB Cases.

We offer high-quality metal cases for Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Arduino, Lattepanda and many other single board computers!​ We can also manufacture and design your custom case for Raspberry Pi, Arduino or other boards.
Our products are designed by KKSB Cases in Sweden.

New Products

KKSB Raspberry Pi 5 Heat Sink Case

KKSB Raspberry Pi 5, 7 inch Touchscreen Case

KKSB Arduino Giga Display Case

KKSB Cooling tower for Raspberry Pi

KKSB Arduino Uno R4 Wifi and Minima Case

KKSB Jetson Nano Orin Case

KKSB Raspberry Pi Camera Holder

KKSB BeaglePlay Case

KKSB Arduino Giga Case


KKSB Khadas VIM4 Case

  • Milled out of a solid aluminium alloy
  • Passive cooling
  • Made of black anodized high grade aluminium alloy


KKSB K1 Mini ITX Case

An effective and stylish design that fits in every context!

KKSB Watertight SBC Case

For outdoor projects

Including 5 meter Micro USB cable.

Including watertight glands and plugs

Possible to install most single board computers

Custom cases design

We produce custom cases and enclosures design based on your ideas

Our factories create cases for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Orange Pi, and many other brands of enclosing screens and PCB boards. Send us your ideas and we will promptly prepare personalized design drafts for you.

Quality Metal Cases for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone & other boards

​KKSB designs several enclosures and cases for electronic such as single board computers, tablets, and custom cases. We can create high-quality products with an efficient manufacturing.

Our Products

At KKSB-Cases we design and manufacture metallic products for various Open-Hardware devices. Our metallic casings include:

• Aluminum and Stainless Steel cases for a range of Raspberry Pi PCs
• Metallic Displays Stands for Raspberry Pi Displays
• High-Grade metal cases for Arduino boards
• Metallic Display Stands for Waveshare Displays
• High-Grade metal cases for UDOO (Heatsink/Cooling Fan compatible)
• High-Grade metal cases for ODROID (Heatsink/Cooling Fan compatible)
• BeagleBone metallic cases
• NanoPi aluminum/stainless steel cases
• Orange pi aluminum/stainless steel cases
• Metallic cases for Pine PCs
• Metallic Cases for Onion Omega PCs
• Metallic Phone and Tablet Stands
• Metallic Cases for LattePanda PCs
• Metallic Cases for Jetson PCs (Camera Compatible)
• Metallic Cases for Rock Pi PCs

High Quality

Our team of professionals at KKSB-Cases is devoted to ensuring 100% quality. We make use of high-grade metals to ensure top-level strength and rigidity. Mostly, our top-picks are high-grade aluminum and stainless steel.


Though we are dealing with high-grade metals it doesn’t mean that aesthetic appeal is something far away from us. We design our products keeping in mind the beauty and attraction that pleases your eye. We focus on the beauty of the design right from the beginning of the process to finishing and coating.


We are aware of the fact that the price of open-source hardware and supporting accessories means a lot, especially to the beginners. We don’t want the beginners to stay away from their dreams just for the fear of high prices. We make sure to keep the prices as low as possible by reducing the production cost.

It is challenging though but we still manage to maintain quality while keeping the production cost low. For this, we use automated processes to cut down production time and cost of labor. Modern-day laser-cutting mechanism not only ensures precision but it also cuts down the cost of production per unit.

Cases for Raspberry Pi 4

Now is the next generation Raspberry Pi out. The new Raspberry Pi 4 has another specification than before. It has a new CPU, wireless LAN, Bluetooth. Most users should have a good protection for their Raspberry Pi case. The KKSB Raspberry Pi Case 4 fits this circuit board very well. The metal case is made of Anodized aluminium and has a very robust design.

General Case Design

Design and manufacturing of enclosures such as Raspberry Pi cases and other single board computers depend on less successful past precedents than the applying of building science. This can be not as a result of there's very little to be learned from existing buildings, however, is owing to the changes in materials and strategies that results from building technology innovation.

Combined with growing expectations for top performance, the building enclosure style is currently needed to satisfy anoutsized variety of performance parameters that weren't given an excellent deal of thought within the past. Building enclosures were continually expected to be sturdy and supply a degree of environmental separation.

Case Design Parameters

This is a list of interesting design parameters important to consider:

1. Rigid design
2. Fire protection
3. Liquid water movement
4. Fire Air Flow / Ventilation
5. Aesthetic Aspect
6. Production Cost

Enclosures with performance-based style is not a replacement plan and in fields like structural engineering, limit states style has been deployed to dependably reach acceptable levels of performance. There stay variety of challenges to beat before an identical approach is accessible for building enclosure style. Till such time, the data that follows is meant to produce a sensible framework for applying building science principles and techniques to the look of well acting building enclosures.

Products and Brands

In addition to exclusive products from KKSB-Cases, our store also has a comprehensive range of open-hardware from various top brands. These products include Mini-PCs from Raspberry Pi, Onion Omega, Arduino, UDOO, ODROID, Orange Pi, and NanoPi. We also offer official display units from Raspberry Pi and Waveshare.

In addition, we have power supplies, sensor kits, WiFi/BT modules, Onion, and Arduino Expansions, HDMI cables, SATA Cables, Jumper Cables, mounting accessories, heatsinks, CPU cooling fans and more.

Let’s go through some top-ranked brands one by one:

Raspberry Pi

The pioneer of open-hardware, Raspberry Pi began its journey from the United Kingdom and quickly became the most popular open-hardware solution provider across the globe. The main reason is that this hardware is supported by user-friendly and easy to learn supportive Operating System called Raspbian. It encourages beginners who are looking to make an impact by polishing their skills working on various fruitful apps and devices.

You will see a huge variety of KKSB-Cases exclusively designed to support Raspberry Pi PCs. We are offering Raspberry Pi Mini PCs including Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Model B+, Raspberry Pi Model A and A+, Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W and more.

In addition to our own metallic cases for Raspberry Pi, we also offer Official Raspberry Pi cases for various popular PCs. Moreover, we are selling Raspberry Pi touch displays, camera modules (Infrared and night visions cameras as well), and Raspberry Pi power supplies.


Following Raspberry Pi, Arduino is on the road to the ever-rising popularity because of its exceptional support via sketches, libraries, and Arduino 101. The beauty of Arduino PCs and expansions is that they are compatible with various other boards. This cross-brand integration opens the doors to new possibilities. For instance, UDOO XU4 and UDOO NEO are the prime examples of making the most of Arduino 101 compatibility.

At KKSB-Cases, we are selling Arduino UNO/Due/ZERO/Leonardo/Esplora, etc. In addition, you can shop Arduino Shields, Expansions, and Docks. You can find all our Arduino products here.

Metal Cases for Arduino
The Arduino Case is also very widely used to protect the board from damage. Raspberry Pi is widely used in schools and maker communities all over the world and has become the most sold single board computer in the world. Therefore is our main focus to supply the world with Raspberry Pi case 3B and raspberry pi cases and other of the single board computer. The Raspberry Pi 3 and 3B has a similar shape to the previous Pi 2 and has complete compatibility with Raspberry Pi 2.

We are using similar robust design to our Arduino case and to out Arduino Uno case and Arduino Mega case. KKSB-cases also design custom computer cases for Arduino and BeagleBone for custom applications.

Onion Omega

Onion is a newcomer in the industry but this fact doesn’t hinder its popularity. The brand has quickly climbed up the ladder and the major reasons for that are the release of a comprehensive variety of expansions and Docks. In addition to Omega2 and Omega 2S (Plus), we offer Mini Dock/Mini Dock 2, GPS Expansion, Servo PWM Expansion, Relay Expansion, BLE Expansion, Breadboard Bock, Power Dock and more.


ODROID products are released from the worldwide famous Hardkernel Co. Ltd. At KKSB-Cases we offer ODROID XU4 and XU4Q along with compatible metallic cases. In addition, we have ODROID H2, ODROID C1+, and ODROID C2. Browse through our ODROID category to have a look at more ODROID products on offer including official ODROID power supplies.


The best thing about UDOO is its high-end processing unit based on high-performance CPUs and GPUs. On top of that, Arduino 101 compatibility makes UDOO even better. At KKSB-Cases, we offer UDOO X86, UDOO X86 Advanced, X86 Ultra, and more.

Apart from the PCs, we offer UDOO sensor brinks, UDOO BLU, UDOO Touch Displays, UDOO Cables (SATA III, Mini DP++ to DP cables), CPU Cooling Fan, Mounting Accessories, and WiFi/BT modules. Feel free to have a look at our complete range of UDOO products.


NanoPi from FriendlyElec has really managed to impress over the past couple of years. We have a range of NanoPi PCs. Apart from KKS-Cases for NanoPi PCs, you can buy from us NanoPC-T2/T3, NanoPi M1/NEO/A64/K2/Duo, and all upgraded boards.

Feel free to browse through our NanoPi category to see what is on offer.

Orange Pi

Orange Pi is a Linux based PC and has become popular in a short period of time. These PCs are known for their high-ends Video input-output support, HD graphics and more. Developers are making most of Orange Pi PCs while working on wireless servers, music, apps, and games.

At KKSB-Cases, we have Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi One, Orange Pi PC and upgrades, Orange Pi Prime, Orange pi Win and upgrades, Orange Pi Lite/Lite 2, Orange Pi Zero and upgrades, Orange Pi R1/i96, Orange Pi 2G-IoT, and 4G-IoT. You find all of our Orange Pi products here.

Other brands

Some other boards that we aim to soon protect are Ipad, Ipod, Pine64, ASUS Tinker Board, Udoo x86 Ultra, Odroid, Lattepanda, C.H.I.P and more. All these single board computers work very well for DIY projects, hacker nights, and embedded projects. The recommendation for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B for use in schools or for any other use for serious companies and hobbyists. Also a good media station to stream TV and movies.

Raspberry Pi is a fully functional Linux computer and the Arduino is a microcontroller. It does not run an operating system. The board runs very specifically, small blocks of code written by the person using it. There are numerous additional boards that give it new possibilities.

Delivery & Shipping

At KKSB-Cases, we offer free delivery if you spend over €90.
We facilitate our customers with worldwide shipping. From dispatch to delivery, it takes from 3 to 8 days (Within Europe) and from 7 to 15 days (Outside Europe).

Payment Methods

At the moment, KKSB-Cases payment options include PayPal or Credit/Debit Card.
Since PayPal and Stripe are not available in some countries, we will be serving you with additional payment methods in the near future.

About KKSB-Cases

We are a team of professionals based in Gothenburg, Sweden. At KKSB-Cases, we are committed to supplying reliable Mini-PC casings and accessories across the world. We come up with various solutions to support your open-source mini-PCs and displays. Our KKSB-Cases are made of high-grade metals to protect your hardware. Apart from casings for Mini PCs, we manufacture display stands, phone stands, and also display kits which not only support display units but also carry the casings at the back-panel.

At KKSB-Cases, quality and cost-efficiency remain our top priorities. Our products are mostly made from High-Grade metals (aluminum or stainless steel). Our designers make sure to come with creative ideas to support exclusive Mini PCs.

We would like to hear from you!

KKSB-Cases team is devoted to quality and cost-efficiency. We love to stay in touch with our customers and visitors. We are completely aware of the fact that customers are the ones who are able to pinpoint the exact issues which help us to take another step towards perfection. Your feedback, opinions, and recommendations are extremely important to us. This is the only way to know what exactly you need and how exactly we can come up with better products.

You are welcome to contact us anytime from anywhere and let us know what you need and how we can help you. We are devoted to contributing the best to the industry as much as we can. We need your support to keep things on the right track.