Custom Raspberry Pi Cases

KKSB Custom Raspberry Pi design case

Custom Raspberry pi casesKKSB-Cases can manufacture your custom case for Raspberry Pi. Send us your ideas on how you want your Raspberry Pi case to be and we will quickly reply to you with ideas and sending you pictures of proposed design draft. We can make custom cases for both Raspberry Pi 3 and other models.

The project flow on creating a custom Raspberry Pi case

  1. Send us your custom case idea and requires to (or use the form at the bottom of this page)
  2. We make a draft of your idea in CAD and sending you a rough design proposal.
  3. We can estimate the price for the design based on the rough design draft.
  4. Detail design and approval by the customer. We can also make cardboard boxes, supply with screws, components & barcodes.
  5. Manufacturing of the case
  6. Delivery

Enclosure manufacturing

Depending on the requirement we can make sheet metal design, Extrusion, die stamp, die cased design, sand-cast, CNC-machined designs. All focused on your requirement, budget, quality and function.

Surface finishing of the case

Enclosures can have many types of surface treatment. Most often is a powder coat or anodizing used. Anodized cases can be combined with brushing or sandblasting for a nice textured finish.

Logos to your custom Raspberry Pi case can be laser engraved or silk printed or use of sticker. All depending of surface treatment and material. It is important to select the most suitable method for each individual project.


Fasteners, rubber feet, cardboard boxes and more. We supply you what you need. Those components can be packed in small plastic bags or assembled in other ways for you.


General information

We provide design and manufacturing of electronic boxes for both Raspberry Pi, PCBs or displays adapted to the requirements or requirements specification, such as fasteners, custom front panels, various press distances, laser engraving, silkscreen logos.

We strive for simple and cheap solutions and manufacture the enclosures from middle to large series.

Everything from producing drawing materials to the manufacture of the enclosures with, for example, bent sheet, aluminium.

KKSB Custom design offer casting or injection moulded plastic boxes cost-effective with our established contacts in China with various surface treatments.

We also manufacture electronic boxes according to existing drawings in different materials and manufacturing techniques. 

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