KKSB Raspberry Pi ZERO Case (Black)


This more exclusive metal enclosure for Raspberry Pi Zero is well adapted to all the current functions for Raspberry Pi Zero. It is compact, robust and clean.
This is a case fitting for serious users, enthusiasts, companies and anyone else who wants one of the most good looking cases for Raspberry pi.

The case is laser cut, made of black powder-coated steel. Good access to all connectors on the Raspberry Pi Zero card.
This case includes an exit slot in the top of the case allowing a ribbon cable to be fitted to the board’s 40pin GPIO header. The board is clamped with four hexagonal standoffs and the lid is attached to these standoffs with screws.

Length: 72 mm
Width: 34 mm
Height: 19 mm

lid & bottom
2 cross head countersunk screws
1 cross-head screw

Customer Reviews

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Very nice and works well with the WH zero pi.
It has lateral openings for microSD and camera although in the photos as of June 2018 the camera opening can not be seen.
With the top part case in red and the bottom part case in green and the long screws in green and the short screw in red would be even more beautiful with the colors of the raspberry pi.
I would have given 1mm more height to the box to avoid touching the GPIO with the fingers and 2mm more to the long screws so that they penetrate more into the thread.
There is a good quality price relation.


Muy bonita y funciona bien con la pi zero WH.
Tiene aberturas laterales para microSD y cámara aunque en las fotos a fecha Junio 2018 no se vea la abertura para cámara.
Con la parte superior en rojo y la parte inferior en verde y los tornillos largos en verde y el tornillo corto en rojo estaría aun más bonita con los colores de la raspberry pi.
Yo le hubiera dado 1mm mas de altura a la caja para no rozar con los dedos el GPIO y 2mm más a los tornillos largos para que penetren mas en la rosca.
Muy buena relacion calidad precio.