Banana Pi

Banana Pi has been a popular name in R&D that mostly dealt with embedded systems. The team has evolved over the last 12 years since its foundation. Banana Pi now offers single board computers and Pi M3 is its worth mentioning launch.

The platform allows you to design a computer right from the word go. It also allows you to customize your computing board. There are endless options for learners, beginners, and hobbyists. You can’t compare it with Raspberry Pi at this early stage but one thing is clear that Banana Pi is on the right track and will surely amaze us with more powerful boards.

The best thing about Banana Pi is that it mass-produces small and compact SBCs that are no bigger than a credit card. Shenzhen SINOVOIP Co. Ltd. based in China is the company behind these impressive boards. The basic hardware design is inspired by Raspberry Pi. The compatibility with Raspberry Pi makes Banana Pi a good choice for the beginners.

We at KKSB proudly announce the launch of our exclusive metal case for Banana Pi M3. The KKSB Banana Pi M3 case features black top and white bottom and is all high-grade metal. Click on the product to learn more about its features and specs.