PIEC25-E Banana Pi 4G Module for BPI-R2 and BPI-R64


The PIEC25-E 4G Module is the official product from Banana Pi. The company has developed this module to work with Banana P R2 and Banana Pi R64. Some experts are anticipating that this module will be later upgraded to be compatible with more Banana Pi boards but until now, we have not heard anything from the representatives of Banana Pi. Coming back to the product itself, the Banana Pi 4G Module PIECS25-E requires 5V/2A DC input power but you also have the option to supply it with the power through Micro USB port. This 4G module contains an IPEX connector and supports the GNSS antenna as well. The SIM Card connector is also on the board. The PIEC25-E 4G module works in Africa, Europe, Thailand, Korea, the Middle East, and India.

Specs of PIEC25-E Banana Pi 4G Module for BPI-R2 and BPI-R64

  • Input Power: Compatible with 5V/2A DC input power
  • Additional Power Source: Compatible with Micro USB Port for Power Supply
  • PC Compatibility: Designed to work with Banana Pi R2 and Banana pi R64
  • There is an IPEX connector on the module
  • Antenna interface supports 4G antenna
  • Contains a SIM Card connector (The offer DOES NOT include the SIM Card)
  • Features GNSS antenna interface


The PIEC25-E 4G Module works in the following regions:

  • India
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • Thailand

This offer DOES NOT include the SIM Card

How to Use PIEC25-E Banana Pi 4G Module?

It is fairly simple to make the PIEC25-E Banana Pi 4G Module work in a few minutes. Make sure to use it with the compatible Banana Pi board (BPI-R2 / BPI-R64).

  1. Use a 5V/2A DC input power adapter to connect with the module
  2. Use the USB cable to connect the module with Banana Pi PC
  3. Run ‘isusb’ command to check if the system recognizes the PIEC25-E 4G module
  4. Now you need to use ‘ls /dev/ttyUSB*’ command to see if the PIEC25-E 4G module recognizes the USB device
  5. Now you need to use the ‘s’ script and run it to see if the dialing to PIEC25-E 5G Module works properly

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