Banana Pi bit-robot Extension for Robots and Smart Cars


Are you working on robots or smart cars and looking for an upgraded bit-robot extension? Banana Pi has introduced its official bit-robot extension for robots and smart cars. The Banana Pi bit-robot extension (BPI:bit) not only facilitates the board with the bit-architecture but it also optimizes the conventional I/O features to help the beginners get along without facing complications.

Features of Banana Pi bit-robot Extension for Robots and Smart Cars

  • The extension is 12V/2A DC input compatible
  • In the case of a Micro USB power supply, the bit-robot Extension Board require 5V/2A input
  • The input depends on the added components. If you are using a DC motor or a servo motor then 12V supply is recommended
  • In absence of servo or DC motor, 5V Micro USB supply is enough to support I/O extensions
  • The Banana Pi bit-robot Extension features MOTOR A-MOTOR D
  • Features 8-DC (1-Way rotation) Motor
  • 4 DC Motor (Forward and Reverse) controlled by 4x 8 Motor Controls
  • The extension has an IIC bus interface
  • There is a steering engine (PCA9685) chip
  • TB6612 circuit design / Dual-H Bridge Drive
  • Secure circuit thanks to the optocoupler isolation

Specs of Banana Pi bit-robot Extension for Robots and Smart Cars

  • Input Power: 12V DC
  • SPI interface support
  • IIC interface support
  • A&B Expansion Key interface support
  • BPI:bit&Micro:bit Slot
  • Communication Serial Port
  • Interface for Servo Motor
  • Ultrasonic Module
  • Power LED
  • 5V Micro USB Power
  • Sensor Interface (7 x 3-Pin)
  • 4x Motor Interface


The ultrasonic interface on the Banana Pi bit-robot Extension is configurable to convert it into a communication serial port. But in that case, the interface will not work like debugging serial port. On both sides of the Banana Pi bit-robot Extension, you will see 5x pin-sets. These pin-sets are supported by the 3-Pin sockets. The Banana Pi bit-robot Extension Board is cost-efficient hardware and you can use it to enhance the performance of the robots and smart cars you want to create.

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