KKSB Cases and Accessories

Based in Gothenburg, we are committed to serve across the globe with top quality Mini PC cases and Screen Stands. At KKSB, you’ll find a complete range of exclusively designed cases for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, UDOO, Odroid, NanoPi, BeagleBone, Pine 64 and more. We offer a variety of metallic cases made of high-grade aluminum as well as stainless steel. The laser-cut technology helps our cases stand out in terms of precision and reliability. The use of top quality metals and state of the art finishing make KKSB cases stand apart.

Visit our complete range of KKSB cases and display stands offered. They are cost-effective and ready to serve you for years. Each unit has been customized for the board or the display unit. The finishing, coating, and designing is matchless and you’ll surely fall in love with these products.