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KKSB Arduino UNO R4 Case

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The KKSB Arduino UNO R4 case offers compatibility with both UNO R4 Minima and UNO R4 WiFi microcontrollers, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of projects. 

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Technical Details
  • Compatibility: Arduino UNO R4 WiFi and Arduino UNO R4 Minima
  • Material: Sandblasted Anodized Aluminum (Wall Structure), Polycarbonate Transparent Cover, Powder-Coated Steel Base
  • Mounting Options: Compatible with KKSB DIN Rail Clip and KKSB UNC Thread Bracket (Sold Separately)
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Wireless-Friendly Design

Designed with wireless projects in mind, this Arduino UNO R4 case minimizes signal obstruction. Its innovative design includes a crack-resistant polycarbonate top, allowing wireless signals to flow without interference, ensuring uninterrupted WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The transparent cover grants easy access to board indicators. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with KKSB UNC thread bracket f and KKSB DIN rail clip, enhancing its adaptability.

Optimized Visibility

With its transparent lid, the KKSB Case offers a clear view of your Arduino Uno R4 WiFi or R4 Minima board. Easily inspect LEDs, connections, and pin descriptions without the hassle of lid removal, making project setup and debugging quick and easy.

Convenient Access and Effortless Assembly

The KKSB Case simplifies reset functionality with a built-in pushbutton, eliminating the need to remove the lid for resets. Customized openings for GPIO pins and connectors ensure unobstructed access to your Arduino UNO R4's essential ports. Even beginners can set up their boards effortlessly with our user-friendly design.

Versatile Mounting Options

Whether for home or industrial applications, this case provides versatile mounting solutions. It's fully compatible with the KKSB DIN Rail clip for secure industrial settings and the KKSB UNC thread bracket for convenient tripod mounting, offering flexibility for various setups.

Compact Yet Durable Quality

Balancing compactness and expandability, the KKSB Case supports both basic and advanced Arduino UNO R4 projects, from visual monitoring to industrial automation. Its rounded edges enhance its aesthetic appeal. Precision-crafted, the case features a sandblasted anodized black aluminum walled structure with laser-engraved labels for easy connector identification. The sturdy powder-coated black steel base provides robust support for your microcontroller.

Some Examples of Possible Applications

  • Home Automation Hub: This case is suitable for housing an Arduino UNO R4 WiFi as a central control unit for home automation. It offers protection and organization for controlling various home devices.
  • Industrial Control System: With compatibility for DIN Rail clips, the case is well-suited for industrial applications, protecting Arduino Uno R4 Minima or WiFi while it controls machinery and sensors.
  • Weather Station: The transparent lid of the case is useful for weather monitoring projects, allowing sensors to be observed without exposing them to the elements.
  • Smart Agriculture: The rugged case is appropriate for outdoor agricultural applications, safeguarding Arduino boards used for monitoring soil conditions.
  • Home Security System: This case is fitting for DIY home security systems, providing a clear lid for quick status checks of sensors and cameras.
  • Educational Showcase: It is ideal for educational settings, protecting and showcasing Arduino projects for students to learn about electronics and programming.

Items Included

  • KKSB Arduino UNO R4 Case
  • Rubber Feet
  • Pushbutton for Reset
  • Fasteners

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KKSB Arduino UNO R4 Case

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Great quality and perfect fit
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