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Upgrade your projects and amplify their potential with the Arduino UNO R4 WiFi, a groundbreaking innovation that combines the processing prowess of the Renesas RA4M1 microcontroller and the wireless connectivity capabilities of the ESP32-S3 from Espressif. This unique fusion, coupled with onboard features like a 12x8 LED matrix, Qwiic connector, VRTC, and OFF pin, caters to all the requirements makers seek for their upcoming ventures.

Seamless Upgrade to Wireless Connectivity

Elevate your projects by seamlessly integrating wireless connectivity through the UNO R4 WiFi. With this board, you can effortlessly extend the reach of your existing setup, enabling remote control and monitoring via the Arduino IoT Cloud.

Hardware Compatibility with UNO Form Factor

Maintaining the familiar UNO form factor, pinout, and 5 V operating voltage, the UNO R4 WiFi ensures a smooth transition for existing projects and shields. This design choice ensures backward compatibility while allowing for easy expansion and enhancement.

Expanded Memory and Faster Clock

Experience enhanced performance with increased memory and a faster clock speed. The UNO R4 WiFi handles intricate calculations and complex projects with precision, opening doors to more sophisticated designs.

Extra On-board Peripherals

The Arduino UNO R4 WiFi introduces a range of additional on-board peripherals, including a 12-bit DAC, CAN BUS, and OP AMP. These features empower you with greater flexibility and capabilities, enabling the realization of advanced designs.

Extended 24 V Tolerance

With support for a wider input voltage range, the UNO R4 WiFi seamlessly integrates with various actuators such as motors and LED strips using a single power source. This expanded tolerance ensures compatibility with a diverse range of applications.

HID Support

Built-in HID support transforms the UNO R4 WiFi into a versatile input device. It can simulate a mouse or keyboard when connected via USB, simplifying interactions and allowing easy transmission of keystrokes and mouse movements.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Equipped with an ESP32-S3 module, the UNO R4 WiFi enables the integration of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities into your projects. With Arduino IoT Cloud compatibility, you can effortlessly manage and control your projects remotely.

Qwiic Connector

The Arduino UNO R4 WiFi features a Qwiic I2C connector, facilitating easy connection to nodes within the expansive Qwiic ecosystem. With adapter cables, compatibility extends to sensors and actuators based on various connectors.

Battery-powered RTC Support

Additional pins, including an "OFF" pin for board shutdown and a "VRTC" pin for continuous Real-Time Clock operation, enhance power management and timekeeping capabilities.

LED Matrix

The integrated 12x8 red LED matrix eliminates the need for external hardware when creating projects with animations or sensor data visualization. This bright and versatile matrix adds a dynamic visual dimension to your creations.

Diagnostics for Runtime Errors

The UNO R4 WiFi includes an intelligent error-catching mechanism that identifies and explains runtime crashes. This feature offers valuable insights into code issues, facilitating smoother development.

The Arduino UNO R4 WiFi encapsulates unparalleled versatility within the trusted UNO form factor. Whether you're enhancing existing projects or embarking on a new maker journey, the UNO R4 WiFi brings endless possibilities to creators of all skill levels.

Utilize it seamlessly with Arduino's IoT Cloud for secure communication across all your connected devices. Elevate your projects today with the power of wireless connectivity and innovation.

Some Examples of Possible Applications

The Arduino UNO R4 WiFi's combination of advanced features, wireless connectivity, and expanded capabilities makes it suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries. Here are some possible applications:

  1. Home Automation and Smart Devices: Create smart home solutions by integrating the UNO R4 WiFi with sensors, actuators, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth modules to control lights, thermostats, door locks, and appliances remotely.
  2. IoT Data Logging: Utilize the UNO R4 WiFi to collect data from sensors and transmit it wirelessly to cloud platforms, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and air quality.
  3. Robotics and Automation: Build robotic systems that can be remotely controlled or programmed to perform tasks using the UNO R4 WiFi's wireless capabilities, enhanced peripherals, and expanded memory.
  4. Wearable Technology: Develop wearable devices with integrated sensors, such as heart rate monitors or accelerometers, to track health and activity data and transmit it to smartphones or the cloud.
  5. Industrial Control Systems: Employ the UNO R4 WiFi to design industrial automation systems, integrating sensors, motors, and actuators to monitor and control machinery remotely, optimizing processes and improving efficiency.
  6. Environmental Monitoring: Set up a network of sensors across remote locations to monitor environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and air pollution levels, providing valuable data for research and conservation efforts.
  7. Interactive Art and Displays: Utilize the built-in LED matrix and other peripherals to create interactive art installations, displays, or sculptures that respond to user input or environmental stimuli.
  8. Educational Tools: The UNO R4 WiFi can serve as an excellent educational platform to teach programming, electronics, and IoT concepts, fostering hands-on learning for students and beginners.
  9. Agricultural Automation: Develop smart agriculture systems that monitor soil conditions, automate irrigation, and manage greenhouse environments, leading to optimized crop yields and resource usage.
  10. Remote Sensing and Surveillance: Create remote surveillance systems using cameras, motion sensors, and wireless connectivity to monitor areas in real-time and receive alerts for unusual activity.
  11. Healthcare Solutions: Design medical devices like remote patient monitoring systems that collect and transmit vital signs to healthcare professionals for remote diagnosis and patient care.
  12. Energy Management: Employ the UNO R4 WiFi to build energy management systems that control and monitor power consumption, helping homeowners and businesses optimize their energy usage.
  13. Vehicle Telematics: Develop vehicle tracking and diagnostics systems using the UNO R4 WiFi to collect and transmit vehicle data for remote monitoring and maintenance.
  14. Security Systems: Create customizable security systems with integrated sensors, alarms, and cameras, enhancing the protection of homes, offices, or industrial facilities.
  15. Outdoor Adventure Gadgets: Design portable devices for outdoor enthusiasts that use GPS, weather sensors, and wireless communication to provide real-time navigation, weather updates, and safety alerts.

These applications represent just a fraction of the possibilities that the Arduino UNO R4 WiFi offers. Its blend of hardware compatibility, wireless capabilities, and enhanced peripherals empowers creators to innovate across diverse domains and bring their ideas to life.


  • Microcontroller: RA4M1 Renesas ARM Cortext-M4
  • Programming Port: USB-C
  • Digital I/O Pins: 14
  • Analog Input Pins: 6 PWM Pins: 6
  • DAC: 1
  • Communication Pins: UART x1, SPI x1, I2C x1, CAN Bus x1
  • Input Voltage (VIN): 6V ~ 24V
  • Circuit Operating Voltage: 5V | 3.3V for ESP32-S3
  • DC Current: 8mA per I/O Pin
  • Clock Speed: Up to 240MHz (ESP32-S3) | 48MHz (Main Core)
  • Memory: 384 kB ROM and 512 kB SRAM (ESP32-S3) | 256 kB Flash and 32 kB RAM (RA4M1)
  • Dimensions: 68.85mm x 53.34mm

Items Included

  • Arduino UNO R4 WiFi

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Customer Reviews

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