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KKSB DIN Rail Clip Bracket for NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Orin, XAVIER NX

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The KKSB DIN Rail Clip Bracket designed for NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Orin, and XAVIER NX (and compatible clones with similar screw patterns) provides a versatile mounting solution. 

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Technical Details
  • Material: Steel
  • Surface Treatment: Powder-Coated, Black
  • Mounting Positions: 6
  • Compatibility: NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4GB and 2GB Kit, Jetson Orin, and XAVIER NX (and clones with similar screw pattern and spacing)
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Adaptable and Durable Design

Engineered to simplify installation while ensuring adaptability and durability in various environments, this bracket is crafted from sturdy steel and coated with a black textured powder finish. Its robust build ensures long-term protection for the mounted SBC while preserving a sleek appearance, offering space-saving solutions across different settings and outperforming non-metal DIN Rail Brackets in stability and reliability.

Minimalist Design for Versatility

Featuring an open-ended design, this bracket facilitates hassle-free mounting of addon boards, heatsinks, or coolers on your NVIDIA Jetson without obstructions or limitations. This design enhances setup flexibility without compromising functionality.

Some Examples of Possible Applications

  • Industrial Automation: Provides secure mounting solutions for Jetson Boards in industrial settings, ideal for automation and control systems.
  • Smart Home Systems: Facilitates convenient and secure placement of NVIDIA Jetson boards within smart home setups, ensuring organized and space-efficient installations.
  • IoT Projects: Ideal for IoT applications, offering a reliable mounting platform for NVIDIA Jetson boards used in sensor networks, data logging, and more.
  • Embedded Computing: Suitable for embedded computing applications in various fields, such as robotics, education, or DIY projects, ensuring stable and secure mounting of NVIDIA Jetson in diverse environments.

Adjustable Positions for DIN Rail Clip

Offering six adjustable fixing positions for the clip, users can effortlessly optimize bracket placement within cabinets, ensuring efficient space utilization. This DIN Rail Bracket with Clip caters to industrial, home automation, IoT, and embedded computing applications, providing a robust and adaptable mounting solution.

Simple Assembly

A straightforward assembly process simplifies mounting the NVIDIA Jetson kit onto the bracket and attaching the DIN rail clip, ensuring seamless installation on the DIN rail and minimizing setup time.


Compatible with a 35mm DIN Rail, this bracket perfectly matches the screw patterns and spacing of the NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4GB and 2GB Kit, Jetson Orin, and XAVIER NX, ensuring a secure and stable mount.

Included Items

  • Bracket
  • Clip
  • Screws

Note: DIN Rail, NVIDIA Jetson, or Electronics are NOT included.


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