LattePanda takes things to the next level. You can call it the door to modern-day computing. LattePanda is powerful and user-friendly as it is compatible with Windows 10. In addition, LattePanda features dedicated onboard Arduino. You can program and manage Arduino by using the onboard Operating System. 

At KKSB, we take LattePanda to the next level by designing reliable cases. KKSB LattePanda cases are robust and minimal. The black (top) & white (base) makes these cases appealing and you can use them in all types of environments. The finishing of our metal case for LattePanda is powder coated aluminium.

Why Lattepanda?

Trying to work on other development board without having much success? Are you lacking the solutions for your creative ideas? Try LattePanda because this powerful device is the first to be compatible with Windows 10 full version. The Intel Quad-Core processor makes its extremely impressive device in terms of connectivity and wireless integration. The Arduino co-processor joins the board to make it even more powerful when it comes to controlling the hardware and connective devices. The plug & play peripherals let you do virtually anything you want.