13-in-1 Sensor Kit


This sensor kit contains 13 different sensors so that you don’t have to look for them separately. To support the sensors, the box contains custom connector jumper wires. This sensor kit is a good option for you if you are working on different AI-based projects. Let us check out which 13 sensors you will get with this kit.  

  1. Color Sensor
  2. Flame Sensor
  3. MQ-5 Gas Sensor
  4. Hall Sensor
  5. Laser Sensor
  6. Sound Sensor
  7. Moisture Sensor
  8. Tilt Sensor
  9. Rotation Sensor
  10. Liquid Level Sensor
  11. Infrared Reflective Sensor
  12. UV Sensor
  13. Temperature-Humidity Sensor

Custom Connector Jumper Wires

  • 1x Jumper Wire 5-Pin
  • 3x Jumper Wires 3-Pin
  • 4x Jumper Wires 4-Pin




Hall Sensor

Hall Sensor 49E

  • Measuring Motor Speed
  • Detecting Object Positioning  

Color Sensor

Static-Color Detection

  • Sorting by Color
  • Matching Colors

MQ-5 Gas Sensor

  • Sensing Natural Gas
  • Coal Gas
  • LPG Gas
  • Detecting the leakage of gas

Flame Sensor

Sensing Flame Spectrum

  • Detecting Flames
  • Fire Alarms
  • Firefighting Robots

Laser Sensor

Sensitive for Laser

  • Detecting Obstacles
  • Pipeline Counter
  • Smart Robots

Moisture Sensor

Sensing Soil Moisture (fork-like)

  • Automatic Watering System
  • Detecting Soil Moisture in Flowerpots

Sound Sensor

Onboard Audio (LM386) Power Amplifier

  • Detecting Ambient Sound
  • Detecting Sound Level

Infrared Reflective Sensor

Infrared Reflective Transceiver

  • Pipeline Counter
  • Robot Path Track
  • Obstacle-Avoiding Devices

Tilt Sensor

Shake Signal Detection

  • Smart Car
  • Shake Detection
  • Guard Alarm

Liquid Level Sensor

Detecting Liquid Level

  • Liquid Level Alarms

Temp-Humidity Sensor

DHT11 Temp-Humidity Sensor

  • Humidity Detection
  • Ambient Temperature Detection

Rotation Sensor

Clockwise/Anti-Clockwise Rotation Detection

  • Positioning of Industrial Controls

UV Sensor

Ultraviolet Sensor

  • Germicidal Lamp
  • Ultraviolet Tester
  • Detecting Ultraviolet (Outdoor)


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