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Odroid GO Ultra is the improved version of GO Super. It is a development platform that focuses on gaming. The system specifications of Odroid GO Ultra are inspired by the Odroid N2+. The LCD size and exterior of GO Ultra are the same as those of GO Super. However, the hardware and core components are redesigned for improved performance.

Specially Designed USB Charging Cable

Since the charging goes very slow with the dual PMIC architecture if the battery is fully drained, Odroid GO Ultra comes with the right solution. The box includes a fast-charging USB cable specially designed for GO Ultra.

The Odroid GO Ultra USB charging cable is split into Type-A and Type-C plugs. You connect both inputs to Odroid Ultra GO ports to optimise charging speed.

Specifications of Odroid GO Ultra


  • Amlogic S922X
  • 2GHz Cortex-A73 Quad-Core and 2GHz Cortex-A53 Dual-Core
  • ARMv8-A Architecture
  • Crypto and Neon Extensions
  • Mali-G52 Graphics Processing Unit | 846MHz 6x Execution Engines


  • LPDDR4 2GiB RAM | 32-Bit Bus | 1608MHz

Operating System

  • Ubuntu 20.04.4 | Aarch64 Kernel 4.9.277
  • EmulationStation Modified Front-End with Libretro
  • OpenGL-ES GPU accelerated on DRM-FB


  • 16GiB onboard eMMC
  • Micro SD Card Slot (UHS-1 compatible interface)


  • 8Ω Mono speaker 0.5Watt
  • Earphone Stereo Jack


  • TFT LCD 5-inch
  • 854x480 pixels
  • MIPI DSI Interface
  • Wide Angle View


  • Li-Polymer 4000mAh 3.7V | 76.5mm x 54.5mm x 7.5mm
  • Lasts for up to 6 hours of continuous use

Power Supply

  • USB-C Power Input 5V Compatible
  • USB Charging Cable included with USB-C and Type-A interfaces
  • USB-C port supports USB 2.0 Device
  • Drawing Current up to 1.5Amp
  • From 3 to 4 hours of charging time (OFF Status) | Up to 7 Hours (While in Use)

Power Consumption

  • Game Emulation: 800mA to 1300mA (Depending on wireless usage, backlight brightness, and emulation type)
  • Less than 1mA on Power OFF Mode

External I/O

  • USB 2.0 HOST (x1)

Wireless Support

Input Buttons

  • Function Buttons from F1 to F6 | X, Y, and A, B
  • Direction Pad
  • Right Shoulder, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder2, Left Shoulder2
  • Analog Joystick (x2)

Form Factor

  • Weight – 299 grams
  • Dimensions – 20.4cm x 8.6cm x 2.5cm | 204mm x 86mm x 25mm

Odroid GO Ultra Block Diagram

Items Included  

  • Odroid GO Ultra (Clear White)
  • USB Charging Cable

Dual-Band Wireless Adapter is sold separately.

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Customer Reviews

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