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KKSB Odroid H3 and H3+ Case

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The KKSB Odroid H3 and H3+ Case is a sleek and stylish anodized black aluminium body that provides complete protection to your Odroid H3 and H3+ boards. while giving it a professional look.

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Technical Details
  • Brand: KKSB
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for Odroid H3 and H3+ boards
  • Accessories Supported: PWM Fan, 2 SATA data cables, 2 SATA power cables, Fasteners, Rubber parts, Momentary programmable push button
  • Material: Anodized black aluminum body
  • Space for Ethernet Board (H3/H2 Net Card):
  • Space for 2pcs 2.5" SSD (15mm Thickness) Secured with Screws:
Outer Dimensions


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Reliable and Durable Case

The KKSB Odroid H3 and H3+ Case is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable enclosure for their Odroid board. The included accessories, such as the fan and SATA cables, make setup and installation a breeze. The case is designed to accommodate additional components, such as an Ethernet board and 2.5" SSDs, making it a versatile and functional solution for a variety of applications.

Mounted on 4 Spacers

The Odroid board is mounted on four spacers, providing a secure and stable mounting solution. If using the board with the Net Card, two shorter spacers are included to ensure a secure and stable fit.

Space for Ethernet Board

The KKSB Odroid H3 and H3+ Case is designed with space for an Ethernet board, such as the H3/H2 Net Card. The case features a punch-out that can be easily removed by hand, allowing for seamless integration with the Net Card. This feature makes it easy to expand the functionality of your Odroid board by adding Ethernet connectivity.

Space for 2pcs 2.5" SSD

The KKSB Odroid H3 and H3+ Case provide ample space for two 2.5" SSDs, each up to 15mm in thickness. The SSDs are secured with screws, ensuring they remain securely in place during use. This feature makes it easy to store and access large amounts of data on your Odroid board.

Items Included

The KKSB Odroid H3 and H3+ Case come with a number of accessories to make installation and setup a breeze. Included with the case is a PWM fan, 2 SATA data cables, 2 SATA power cables, fasteners, rubber parts, and a momentary programmable push button. The inclusion of these components in the case package means you do not need to purchase them separately, saving you time and money.

Note that the KKSB Push button has no LED wires and has different colours than the Odroid push button. Connect the cables to PIN 19 and 17.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sybren Keizer
Great but can be better

Beautiful as well as strong case and easy to mount hardware inside.

Pam Drew
KKSB Odroid 3+

Very pleased with the service and product - excellent.

non-standard fan, aside from the power button, the previous model was better.

It is a good case, and considering the few other option available, this is the one to get. However, I own two cases of the H2/H2+ model, and I like them much better than this new revision. Pros of the new one. more refined aesthetics, includes a fan, 2 SATA cable sets, and a power button that is easier to install, however it feels much flimsier, and the worst part for me is that the fan included is noisy and its dimensions are not very standard (70x70x15), so there are no quieter alternatives that can be bought. The old model is sturdier as said, and uses a more standardized fan (80x80x25, if I recall well), so you can get good quality silent fans and replace it, although the power and reset buttons can be tricky to install at first. The dimensions of the H3/H3+ are the same as the H2/H2+, so if the previous case was still on stock, I would definitely go for that one.
Despite all this, this is another great KKSB case, nice, protective, functional and very well priced (even more considering the additional accessories included). Definitely a must for your Odroid H2/H2+/H3/H3+ board.