Assembly Instruction KKSB Odroid H3 / H3+ Case

a) Mount 4 rubber feet to the bottom part.

b) Mount the SSDs and spacers. Mount the spacers with the 6mm countersunk screws.

c) If not using Net Card use 2 shorter spacers.

d) Mount the H3 / H3+ board with our without the Net Card.

If using Net card preassemble it like this

Use the pan head screws for mount the board on the spacers.

e) Connect the power and data sata cables. (Make it careful since the connectors on the board are relatively fragile)

a) Slide down the body (without the top part mounted). If you are using the net card you need to remove the pre cut net card cover in the body before slide it down.

3. Assemble the push button and fan in the lid and mount the lid and all external screws in the case.

It is optional but we recommend to mount the fan so that it blows on the heats sink. in order to do this the fan sticker should be against the heatsink.

Use the 4 long screws and nuts for this.

Assemble instruction for the push button

Note that the KKSB Push button has no LED wires and has different colours than the Odroid push button. Connect the cables randomly to PIN 19 and 17.