ODROID N2 Plus (N2+) with 4GByte RAM

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The ODROID-N2+ is the revision on the ODROID-N2. The latest version has the following major upgrades:



Up to 2.4GHz Quad-Core Cortex-A73

Up to 1.8GHz Quad-Core Cortex-A73

Up to 2.0GHz Dual-Core Cortex-A53

Up to 1.9GHz Dual-Core Cortex-A53

Comes with the Backup Battery Holder which is mounted on the N2+ Board

The N2 Board did not have the on-board backup battery

The height of the heatsink is lower, i.e. 1.875cm or 18.75mm

The height of the heatsink is comparatively taller, i.e. 2.4cm or 24mm


The ODROID-N2 and N2+ microcontrollers are the upgrades of N1 and come with the Quad-Core Cortex-A73 cluster along with the Dual-Core Cortex-A53. The processing unit is powered by big-Little architecture. ODROID-N2+ comes with the Mali-G52 Graphics Processing Unit which is the same GPU you find on the ODROID-N2. The metal-housing heatsink efficiently dissipates heat and protects the CPU from thermal-throttling. The Cortex-A73 reaches 2.4GHz with the help of the 12nm silicon technology. The CPU of ODROID-N2+ is 20% faster as compared to the speed of the CPU of ODROID-N1. Similarly, the GPU of N2 is also 10% faster as compared to that of N1. The 4GB RAM @1320MHz requires just 1.2volts. For optimized thermal-characteristics, the CPU of ODROID-N2+ is on the bottom of the board.

ODROID-N2 Plus (N2+) Board Components

  • CPU – S922X
  • 4x DDR4
  • BMib SPI Flash x1
  • Boot Select SPI Switch x1
  • 10/100/1000 RJ45 x1
  • eMMC Socket x1
  • MicroSD Slot x1
  • HDMI 2.0 x1
  • IR Receiver x1
  • USB 3.0 x4
  • RTC Battery Backup Holder x1
  • LED Indicators x2
  • 2-Pin Active Cooling Fan Connector x1
  • DC Power Jack x1
  • Audio/Video Output (Composite Video & Stereo Audio) x1
  • 40-Pin GPIO Header
  • UART (Supports System Console) x1
  • OTG MicroUSB 2.0 x1

ODROID-N2 Specifications




  • 12nm fab – Amlogic S922X
  • 2.4GHz Cortex-A73 / Quad-Core
  • 2.0GHz Cortex-A53 / Dual-Core
  • ARMv8-A (with Crypto Extension and Nano Extension)
  • Mali-G52 Graphics Processing Unit /800MHz/ 6 Execution Engines




  • 4GB DDR4
  • Bus Width: 32bit
  • Grade – PC4-21333
  • 2640 MT/s – Data Rate
  • Low-Power Consumption – 1.2Volt




  • 1x MicroSD Slot
  • HS/DS Modes
  • 1x eMMC Connector 




  • 1x RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps supported
  • Ethernet Transceiver: RTL8211F Realtek
  • 2x LED Indicators (Amber = 1000Mbps / Green = 100 Mbps)
  • USB WiFi Adapter Supported (Optional | Not included in the package)




  • 1x 3.5mm Composite Video Jack
  • 1x HDMI 2.0
  • CEC, HDR, EDID support up to 4K@60Hz




  • 1x Digital Output (HDMI)
  • 1x 3.5mm Jack  Line-Out (Stereo Audio)
  • 1x Optical SPDIF Output (Optional | Not included in the package)


External I/O


  • 1x UARD Serial Debug
  • 1x OTG USB 2.0 (Does NOT support power input)
  • 4x HOST USB 3.0
  • 1x 40-Pin Expansion Header (2.54mm Pitch)
  • 2x 3.3V DC, 2x 5V DC, 1x 1.8V DC
  • 8x GND
  • 1x UART
  • 1x SPI
  • 2x I2C
  • 2x ADC Input (Max. 1.8V / 10Bit)
  • 25x GPIO (Maximum)


Compatible Power Supply


  • 5.5mm (-ve) outer diameter and 2.1mm (+ve) inner diameter
  • 12V/2A Power Supply is recommended
  • 7.5V~18V DC (Max. 25W)


RTC Battery


·         On-Board Real Time Clock IC

·         Battery Holder (for CR2032 Coin Battery)

·         Battery IS NOT Included





  • 200 grams | 0.2 Kg (heatsink included)


Dimensions (Heatsink)


  • 100mm x 91mm x 18.75mm


Dimensions (Board)


  • 90mm x 90mm x 17mm



  • This offer DOES NOT include Power Supply
  • RTC Battery is NOT included
  • eMMC Card is NOT included
  • Active Cooling Fan is NOT included


ODROID-N1 came with Mali-T860MP4 which is good but Mali-G52 @800MHz on ODROID-N2+ is 10% faster than T860MP4. G-52 is the Bifrost-based Graphics Processing Unit. It is also known as MP6 because of its 6 execution engines (3x for each core). You could boot ODROID-N2+ via the SPI memory (on-board) rather than looking for the eMMC or MicroSD. Make sure to activate the eMMC hardware block because only then the SPI memory will be accessible on ODROI-N2+ at boot.

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