HiFiBerry DAC Standard is now available with RCA connectors. This is a high-quality converter from digital to analog audio compatible with Raspberry Pi A and B modules. DAC Standard (RCA) aims at top-quality playback, once attached to Raspberry Pi.


The product also accompanies connectivity headers. The connectors are compatible with:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Nylon Spacer
  • RCA Jacket

The good news is that solder doesn’t remain a requirement anymore. But in the case of Raspberry Pi (P5 header), you do need 2x4-pin solder.

RCA connectivity means that you have the freedom to use whatever RCA cable pleases you. You still have the option to mount a phone-jack if you want but for this, you’ll have to do some soldering.


  • Burr-Brown DAC featuring 192kHz/24-bit (impressive sound quality)
  • Compatible with ALSA-mixer Apps to control output volume
  • Doesn’t require additional cable. Direct connection to Raspberry Pi module A or B.
  • Compatible with P5 header
  • Doesn’t require external power supply
  • To ensure optimal performance, HiFiBerry DAC - RCA features voltage regulator for ultra-low noise
  • Support RCA
  • Optional Phone Jack (3.5mm, requires soldering)
  • Nylon Spacer helps quick and easy fixing on to the Raspberry Pi board


HifiBerry DAC (RCA) weighs just 30-grams. You wouldn’t even feel its presence.


Compact size with dimension as small as 13cm x 8cm x 2cm.

Compact size and virtual weightlessness makes this product much more suitable for to accompany with Raspberry Pi boards. It is the ease of use which makes HiFiBerry product line highly desirable.


HifiBerry DAC – RCA isn’t compatible with a Raspberry module lacking a P5 Header. But there is no room for disappointment because HiFiBerry DAC+ is the perfect alternative. Both feature identical sound quality. HifiBerry DAC+ is compatible with the latest Raspberry models (A+/B+ and 2B).