JustBoom Digi HAT for Raspberry Pi


If you are looking for something to produce High-Quality Digi Audio output then take a look at JutBoom Digi HAT for Raspberry Pi. With the help of stacking, you can add this HAT easily to the Raspberry Pi board. It is easy to set up and once connected, it starts working as a Plug&Play device. JustBoom Digi HAT for Raspberry Pi is compatible with RPi 2 Model B, RPi B+, RPi 3 Model B, and RPi A+. This HAT is capable of producing unmodified high-quality digital audio output. For any HiFi system, the bit-perfect transmission is highly recommended.

Features of JustBoom Digi HAT for Raspberry Pi

  • The installation process is simple and quick
  • You do not have to solder this HAT
  • Mounting hardware is included in this offer
  • You can connect this HAT to an amplified speaker, DAC, or an external amplifier for High-Quality audio playback
  • It features the bit-perfect S/PDIF Low-Jitter Digital Audio Chip 24-bit/192kHz
  • The output transformer performs full-galvanic isolation
  • The HAT supports I2S interface so the load on the CPU reduces
  • Does not need an additional power supply as the GPIO header supplies power to this HAT
  • You can add rotary encoders, buttons, sensors, and LEDs, etc. because the GPIO Pins on the HAT are accessible

Applications of JustBoom Digi HAT for Raspberry Pi?

  • Recommended for multi-room audio player
  • Cloud or local network audio streaming
  • Surround sound for a media center, set-top box, etc.

This digital technology is superior to that of analog technology because in this case, the signals don’t get weaker before the amplification stage. The problem with analog signals is that they get weaker as they travel along.

Specs of JustBoom Digi HAT for Raspberry Pi

  • TOSLINK Optical Connector support
  • 192kHz/24-bit WM8804GEDS S/PDIF interface
  • 50ps RMS PLL Low-Jitter
  • RCA electrical coaxial connector support
  • Galvanic isolation with the help of the DA101JC transformer
  • Devicetree driver automatic configuration via EEPROM on Raspberry Pi

Items Included

  • 1x IR Receiver (Optional)
  • 1x JustBoom Digi HAT for Raspberry Pi
  • Mounting hardware

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