KKSB Case with Adjustable Stand for Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and GIGA Display Shield

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Crafted for seamless integration with both Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and Arduino GIGA Display Shield, it offers reliability in educational, industrial, and hobbyist applications.


  • This product is compatible with Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and Arduino GIGA Display Shield (have to use both to make it work – the case is not designed to fit Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi alone without the Display Shield).
  • Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and Display Shield are NOT included.
Technical Details
  • Compatibility: Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and Arduino GIGA Display Shield (have to use both to make it work – the case is not designed to fit Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi alone without the Display Shield)
  • Material: Aluminum Case – Transparent Polycarbonate Lid – Steel Stand
  • Rotation Support: Ball Swivel for 360 Degree Rotation
  • Mounting Support: The Thread Mount is Compatible with the Standard Tripod – Supports Wall/Ceiling Mounting
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Durable Build and Adjustable Design

Experience convenience with a rotatable 360-degree ball swivel, allowing effortless rotation and tilt for optimal viewing. The stand made of steel and the case made of aluminium ensure durability while maintaining portability. Customize your setup with the included stand or your preferred tripod. The standard tripod thread mount supports various mounting options, including tabletop, wall, and ceiling placement.

User-Friendly Design

Scan the QR code on the packaging for hassle-free assembly instructions. The sleek design with rounded corners adds aesthetic appeal while maintaining practicality.

Some Examples of Possible Applications

Educational Settings:

  • Science Fairs: Showcase interactive Arduino projects with enhanced visibility and accessibility.
  • Robotics Clubs: Integrate into robotics projects for hands-on learning experiences.
  • STEM Education: Use in classrooms to teach students about programming, electronics, and IoT concepts.

Hobbyist Projects:

  • Home Automation: Create custom smart home solutions with Arduino GIGA and compatible modules.
  • Multimedia Projects: Develop multimedia installations or interactive displays using Arduino GIGA and display shields.
  • DIY Surveillance Systems: Build surveillance cameras with camera modules for home security purposes.


  • Prototype Testing: Test new product concepts or functionalities in a controlled environment before full-scale production.
  • Data Logging: Use for collecting and analysing data in research experiments or field studies.
  • Experimentation: Use for exploring new technologies, sensors, and communication protocols.

Environmental Monitoring:

  • Soil Moisture Monitoring: Build systems for monitoring soil moisture levels in agricultural settings or gardens.
  • Air Quality Monitoring: Develop air quality monitoring devices for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Weather Stations: Construct weather monitoring stations with sensors for tracking temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

Industrial Settings:

  • Monitoring Systems: Implement for monitoring and controlling equipment, processes, or environmental conditions.
  • Prototyping: Utilize for rapid prototyping of IoT devices and sensor networks.
  • Automation Projects: Integrate into automation systems for data collection and analysis.

Art Installations:

  • Light Shows: Create custom light shows or LED displays with programmable LED strips and Arduino GIGA.
  • Kinetic Sculptures: Build kinetic sculptures with motor control and motion sensors for dynamic visual displays.
  • Interactive Art: Incorporate Arduino GIGA and display shields into interactive art installations for engaging experiences.

Why Should You Buy This Case?

  • 360-Degree Rotatable Design: Effortlessly rotate and tilt the case at any angle for optimal viewing and accessibility.
  • Robust Construction: Aluminum case and steel stand.
  • Clear Polycarbonate Back: The transparent polycarbonate lid is suitable for easy monitoring of LED status and wireless signal transmission. This lid also has cutouts to access pin headers.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with both Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and Arduino GIGA Display, offering seamless integration for various applications.
  • Multiple Mounting Options: Accommodates both stand and tripod mounting, with the flexibility to be placed on tabletops or mounted on walls and ceilings.

Easy Monitoring

The case features a clear polycarbonate bottom for visibility and protection of Arduino components. Convenient cutouts on the transparent lid provide easy access to pin headers and LED indicators.

Camera Module Integration

Effortlessly connect camera modules with the front-facing camera header. The four angles of rotation on the front plate enable customizable camera setups.

Items Included

  • KKSB Case
  • Rotatable Stand
  • Pushbuttons (x2)
  • Camera Header
  • Fasteners

Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and Arduino GIGA Display Shield are Sold Separately.

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