TOF Laser Range Sensor with UART CAN Bus and Cascading Support


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Time of Flight (TOF) technology is used in this Laser Range Sensor. This TOF sensor offers ranging capacity from 1cm to 5 meters. The data update ranging capacity of this sensor is 10Hz and it offers 1mm Range Resolution. The FoV range is from 15o to 27o.

The application like Field of View (FoV) of this Sensor is adjustable. The hardware also enhanced feature of I/O complementary output. This TOF Sensor also assists query and active output data, CAN and UART communication and supports multi-sensor cascade ranging.

Features of TOF Laser Range Sensor


Field of View (FoV)

Adjustable from 15o to 27o


Time of Flight (TOF) Laser Ranging Technology

Output Support

Active and Query Output supported

Measuring Range

From 1cm to 5 meters

Range Resolution


Communication Support

CAN, UART, I/O (Also supports CAN, UART, I/O Shared Interface)

Power Supply

3.7V to 5.2V Compatible

Ranging Precision (Typical)


Power Consumption

Approximately 290mW

Cascade Support

Multi Module Cascade Supported


IEC 60825-1:2014Version 3Class1 Standard Stipulated 940nm Laser Compliance

One Click Firmware Upgrade & Anti Reverse Protection

Configurable Output with CAN and UART Support
Identical electric connection for both ports to support cascade ranging
Configurable communication bus
Query Output & Active Output
Flexible data acquisition
Configurable data output mode

Cascade Ranging Support

  • UART Bus supports up to 8 cascades
  • CAN Bus supports up to 7 cascades
  • Supports connection of multiple sensors in series
  • Configure each sensor with an ID
  • Get ranging data from connected sensors using a single communication bus
  • CAN Query, UART Query, and CAN Active output modes available for cascade ranging

Assistant Software Support

  • Host computer assistant software
  • Sensor configuration support
  • Data analysis, monitoring, recording, replay, and export
  • Firmware upgrade support
Reference Guide to Connection with Raspberry Pi
Reference Guide to Connect with Arduino

Specifications of TOF Laser Range Sensor

Field of View (FoV)

Adjustable Multiple Gears ranging from 15o to 27o

Short Distance Ranging Scope

1.2cm to 2.16 meters

Medium Distance Ranging Scope

1.2cm to 3.6 meters

Long Distance Ranging Scope

1cm to 5 meters

Measurement Resolution


UART Communication Interface

Compatible with 2 interfaces at a time (TTL Signal Line 3.3V Electrical Level)

Wave Length

940nm Compliant with IEC 60825-1:2014 Version 3 Class 1 Standard

Short Distance Typical Ranging Precision

±1.0cm with <0.3cm Standard Deviation

Medium Distance Typical Ranging Precision

±1.0cm with <1.5cm Standard Deviation

Long Distance Typical Ranging Precision

±1.5cm with <0.5cm Standard Deviation (at 0.01,3m scope) and <8cm Standard Deviation (at 3.5m scope)

CAN Communication Interface

Two CAN interfaces compatible at a time

Communication Baud Rate (CAN)

100000bps (Default) | From 100000 to 3000000bps

Communication Baud Rate (UART)

115200bps (Default) | From 115200bps to 3000000bps

Power Supply Voltage

3.7V to 5.2V Compatible


2.7 grams

Dimensions (L x W x H)

3.558cm x 1.2cm x 0.805cm | 35.58mm x 12mm x 8.05mm

Cascade Quantity (CAN)

Cascading up to 7 supported

Cascade Quantity (UART)

Cascading up to 8 supported


Applications of TOF Laser Range Sensor

  • Ceiling Detection
  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  • Efficient Distance Algorithm
  • Drone Aerial Height Setting
  • Gesture Control Intelligence
  • Uni-Dimensional Gesture Identification

What is Time of Flight (TOF) Technology

Time of Flight technology is the measurement of absolute distance. The sensor produced out the infrared light. The light emitted encounters the object, reflects and then returns to the sensor. The sensor then detects the time difference the light took to reach back and measure the distance of the object and the sensor. Because of having advance features of TOF the technology empowers the sensor to calculate the depth as well. TOF technology has great benefits over the 3D structural light plan and binocular plan.

Items Included

  • TOF Laser Range Sensor x1
  • GH1.25 Wire (4 PIN) x1
  • GH1.25 Squid Wire (4 PIN) x1

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