Orange Pi 2G-IOT

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Orange Pi 2G-IoT

Orange Pi development boards are quickly capturing the market through a One-on-One competition with Raspberry Pi. The Orange Pi 2G-IoT seems to counter the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Empowered with both, WiFi (802.11n) and Bluetooth (2.1) connectivity, the OPi 2G-IoT facilitates cellular connectivity via 2G Mobile Radio (GPRS/GSM supported). The board also contains a slot for the SIM card (located on the underside). You can easily call it a huge step forward and it may mark the turning point for Orange’s quest to gain more and more share in the Western and European markets.

Orange Pi 2G-IoT Specifications

·         Cortex-A5 ARM (32-bit)

·         Contains an independent GC860 (Vivante) graphics processor

·         Support for OpenVG1.4 and OpenGLES1.1/2.0

·         Features additional support for GDI/DirectShow and DirectFB

·         Configured to support 250M pixel(s) and 30M Triangle(s)

·         256MB Integrated SDRAM (LPDDR2)

·         Onboard storage support for TF card (512MB integrated), 1.8V 4K SLC NAND Flash 

·         WiFi + BT RDA5991 (Onboard)

·         4 x Frequency Signal Cards

·         SIM Card Slot

·         Dedicated accelerators (GSM/GPRS)

·          Video Input Support for:

§  CCIR656 NTSC/PAL protocol

§  CSI camera connector

§  Camera sensor (SM pixel) 8-bit CMOS (YUV422) sensor interface

§  30 frames per second. Video input support up to a resolution of 1080pixels

·         Jack (3.5mm) and MIC support for audio input

·         Support LED video output

·         Support FM, SPEAK and 3.5mm Jack for audio output

·         Support both, Battery power supply (optional) and USB OTG power supply (Good news! Most of the Orange Pi boards support only one power supply)

·         (1x3) pin GROUND UART GPIO

·         1x USB 2.0 HOST

·         1x USB 2.0 OTG

·         SW602 Power Button

·         Compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ via 40-Pin Header

·         Features a Power LED

·         Compatible with Debian, Android, Raspbian Image and Ubuntu

·         L x W = 67mm x 42mm

·         Weighs 35-grams

Orange Pi 2G-IoT Description

The inclusion of 2G cellular modem gives Orange Pi 2G-IoT a significant edge over other development boards. The LCD support and onboard WiFi support makes OPi 2G-IoT a good options for the developers.