KKSB Orange Pi PC Case


Orange Pi PC is known for its powerful graphics processing ability in addition to the magnificent Quad-Core Cortex A-7 processing unit. You need something special to protect this impressive board but it should not cost you higher at the same time. KKSB Orange Pi PC case is the perfect solution. This case, like all KKSB cases, features reliable high-grade metal i.e. steel. Everything about the design is impressive. Powder-coating ensure flawless finishing and the laser-cut technology ensure extremely precise carving of the opening for all board components. The KKSB Steel Case for Orange Pi PC is one of its kind. You’ll surely love using one of these for your precious board.

KKSB Orange Pi PC Case Specifications

  • Material: Metal
  • Metal Type: Steel
  • Finishing: Powder-coated
  • Color: Black & White
  • Compatibility: Orange Pi PC
  • Cutouts: Laser cut 

KKSB Orange Pi PC Case Feature

  • Extremely reliable
  • Laser cut precision for cutouts facilitating the board’s components
  • Extended air vents
  • Wide Opening for GOPI Ribbon Cable
  • Snap-fit – doesn’t requires screws to fix the top with the base

Description - KKSB Orange Pi PC Case

Price of all KKSB cases is incredibly low and this is what helps these cases to top the list. There is nothing like KKSB Orange Pi PC case when it comes to efficiency, strength, and attraction. Once set up, you’ll never have to replace it with anything else. There are some plastic cases available for Orange Pi PC but they lack reliability as they’ve been made to stand a few weeks. KKSB cases have been designed to stand for years. Feel free to make your choice and select at least one for your board. You’ll never regret this decision and we are confident that it will encourage you visit us on regular basis.