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KKSB LattePanda 3 Delta Aluminium Case - LattePanda Wireless Project Support

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This aluminium case with black anodised finishing is compatible with LattePanda 3 Delta SBC. It supports up to 8 SMA antennas and has laser-engraved GPIO pin definition along with laser-cut openings for LattePanda 3 Delta ports and interfaces. 

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Technical Details
  • Compatible SBC: LattePanda 3 Delta
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Anodised Black
  • Connector Support: Laser engraved labelled cutouts for LattePanda 3 Delta connectors
  • Accessories: External Power Button - Rubber Feet
  • Wireless Support: Punch-outs for 8x external antennas (compatible with SMA connectors)
  • Display Support: VESA 100 and VESA 75 mounting holes
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Compact and Versatile Design

KKSB LattePanda 3 protective case has ventilation cutouts to support the fan on LattePanda 3 Delta by allowing the air to blow out of the case. The design of the cooling fan on LattePanda 3 Delta covers a larger blow area as compared to the fan on the previous version – LattePanda Delta. This is why it is very important for a LattePanda 3 case to support LattePanda 3 cooling through air vents to blow the air out of the case.

Wireless Integration Options

KKSB Case for LattePanda 3 Delta has 8x punch-outs – four on each side wall. You may not require to attach eight external antennas normally but we have made sure that you do not fall short of options when working on advanced wireless integration projects requiring WiFi, BT, SIM module, and 5G M2 module at the same time. You can use your LattePanda 3 Delta as a powerful weather station, remote monitoring receiver, and more by making the most of wireless features this board supports.  All of the antenna punch-outs on KKSB LattePanda3 Case are compatible with SMA antenna connectors.

KKSB LattePanda 3 metal box has large cutouts on top which allow the wireless signals to enter and leave the ease. However, for optimal wireless connectivity, you can connect the external antennas if you want.

Some Example of Possible Applications 

You can use this KKSB LattePanda 3 Delta case for multiple applications including but not limited to:

  • Wireless integration projects such as weather stations and remote monitoring receivers, thanks to the support for up to 8 external antennas and the large cutouts for wireless signals
  • Smart home projects, as the case supports the LattePanda 3 Delta board's capabilities and allows for easy access to connectors
  • Industrial applications, as the case also supports DIN rail mounting

Why Should You Choose This Case?

  • Deigned to work in different settings from personal to commercial and industrial setups
  • Ventilation cutouts to support the LattePanda 3 Delta fan
  • Convenient access to connectors through laser engraved cutouts
  • Support for VESA 75 and VESA 100 mounting, allowing for use as a standalone PC or mounted on a display unit
  • Durable aluminum construction with an anodized black finish.

Convenient Access and Professional Design 

KKSB LattePanda 3 Delta case has labelled laser engraved cutouts to provide convenient access to important LattePanda 3 Delta connectors. 

The cover of KKSB LattePanda 3 case also has cutouts for pin headers. These cutouts have laser-engraved pin numbers labelled along each side of the header making it easy for you to identify the right pin.

This compact LattePanda 3 aluminium case has anodized black finish. The design is suitable for all types of settings and users from a hobbyist’s desk to a professional’s workstation.

Various Mounting Options

You can mount the KKSB LattePanda 3 Delta case on to display unit or monitor that supports VESA 75 or VESA 100 mounting. LattePanda 3 Delta is a fast and powerful SBC that supports multiple Operating Systems including Windows. You can use LattePanda 3 Delta as a standalone PC for streaming apps.

Non-slip rubber feet are included in the box to let you use the KKSB LattePanda 3 Delta Case as a desktop enclosure for LattePanda 3 Delta. 

In addition, KKSB aluminium enclosure for LattePanda 3 Delta supports KKSB DIN Rail Clip. It lets you mount your LattePanda 3 Delta on a DIN Rail for industrial applications.

Items Included

  • KKSB LattePanda 3 Delta Case

  • Rubber Feet
  • External Power Button
  • Fasteners

KKSB DIN Rail Clip is sold separately. 

LattePanda 3 Delta, External Antennas, and SMA Connectors are NOT included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Matteo Guglielmi

KKSB LattePanda 3 Delta Aluminium Case - LattePanda Wireless Project Support

William Showers
Anything is better than the ridiculous plastic shell they're selling

Ugly truths coming up...

The case that the manufacturer is making for this board is silly and stupid. It's silly because it looks like it should be hanging off of Batman's belt. It's stupid because the plastic is too thin and flimsy to provide any decent protection for the board, and too light to even keep cables attached to the unit from dragging it across your desk.

The case that KKSB makes is superior in several ways. The fact that it's made of metal automatically makes it more suitable to protect the board. The knockouts built into it for accepting antennas are genuinely functional. The little rubber feet are helpful for keeping the unit from dragging around...

The case could certainly be better built, and I would gladly pay the extra money for higher quality. Yes, it's made of metal, but it is the thinnest possible gauge. The metal is so thin that the long sides of the case must be screwed together in the center using two screws on either side. Altogether, this little case is made using 4 different pieces. Because of the screws sticking through the long sides of the case, when seating the board into this case, it is necessary to back two of those screws out, so that the board will clear the case sides and sit down inside properly. This is a very easy maneuver to make, but... WHY?

I am thankful that SOMEBODY made an alternative to that ludicrous, worthless plastic sculpture, and I will likely never replace it with a different case, because now that it is completely assembled, I don't anticipate ever needing to take it apart for any reason, and for the money I paid, even with additional overseas shipping, I don't feel that I was ripped off or anything, but there is absolutely nothing about this case that I can honestly say is impressive.

It is adequate, and it deserves all 4 of the stars I rated it.