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KKSB Odroid XU4 Heatsink Case - Machined Aluminium Odroid Passive Cooling Case with Start Button

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KKSB Odroid XU4 Heatsink Case allows for highly effective passive cooling that can be targeted at the board’s hottest components, meaning that the board has potential to be operated in a fan-less configuration, for a quiet experience.

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Technical Details
  • Designed and manufactured by KKSB-Cases
  • Made from aluminium
  • The surface is CNC Milled
  • Available in Grey colour (Hard-Anodized)
  • The package includes thermal pad (2,5mm thick)
  • Features 2x light pipes (LED indicators)
  • Rubber feet at the bottom make the case more stable on different surfaces
  • Features the push button
  • There a couple of wall-mounting holes
  • Compatible with ODROID-XU4 and ODROID-XU4Q
  • The built-in heatsink means that you don’t need a cooling fan or taller heatsink
  • Cutouts for PWR, USD, Ethernet, HDMI, and SD Card, etc.
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Designed for Optimal Applicability

The design of the KKSB Odroid XU4/Q aluminium case is based on style through simplicity but also includes good functionality through the push-button interface and pass-through of the indicator lights. The SD card port of the board is still directly accessible through the case.

Note: This case does not have space for Odroid XU4 Fan. Active cooling is not intended.

Suitable for Different Settings 

4 rubber feet ensure the KKSB Odroid XU4 protective case will be stable and reliably sit on most surfaces. This Odroid XU4 enclosure also has pre-cut mounting holes you can use to mount the case on any suitable surface. 

Some Examples of Possible Applications

Here are some potential applications for the CNC Machined Aluminium Case for ODROID-XU4 and ODROID-XU4Q:

  • Media centers: The case's passive cooling and quiet operation make it ideal for use in a media center setup, where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.
  • Industrial automation: The case's durable design and built-in heatsink make it suitable for use in industrial automation systems where the board needs to be protected from harsh environments.
  • Robotics: The case's wall-mounting holes and small form factor make it a good choice for use in robotic applications where space is limited.
  • Home automation: The case's simple and functional design, with a push-button interface and pass-through of indicator lights, makes it suitable for use in home automation systems, such as smart home controllers.

Why Should You Choose This Case?

  • Provides effective passive cooling
  • Simple and functional design, with a push-button interface and pass-through of indicator lights
  • SD card port of the board is directly accessible through the case
  • Rubber feet at the bottom for stability on different surfaces
  • Wall-mounting holes for easy installation
  • Cutouts for PWR, USB, Ethernet, HDMI, and SD Card, etc.
  • Built-in heatsink eliminates the need for a cooling fan or taller heatsink.

Easy Assembly

  • Take the PCB and place the thermal pad onto it
  • Put the PCB inside the case
  • Align LED indicating pipes and push button
  • Use the screws to fix the assembly

Items Included

  • KKSB Odroid XU4 Heatsink Case
  • Light Pipes (x2)
  • Rubber Feet (x4)
  • Extension for start button (x1)
  • Fasteners
  • Thermal pad

Odroid XU4 or Odroid XU4Q are sold separately.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great quality case!

The craftsmanship for this case is exceptional.

BUT: I do recommend using a caliper to find out the exact thickness of thermal pad you need. Then, buy a premium one w/ a high thermal conductivity rating.
This case deserves it.

Gino Badouri

Best case ever

Borislav Gerassimov
Quality case

This one is really well built. The heat dissipation is a bit of a problem. One can either lower the max frequencies of the CPU or mount an additional radiator with or without fan. Everything else is well designed and manufactured.

Fantastic Case

I'm in the USA so I bought mine from ameriDroid who I assume is an authorized distributor for the USA. There are not any other machined aluminum case options left for the XU4. Yes the case can get rather hot to the touch. That's just letting me know it's doing it's job of pulling the heat off the CPU. It does a very good job of keeping the CPU cool enough to avoid throttling under normal use. I'm quite happy with mine. It is both a very good heat sink and a beautiful case as well. It even has an opening to access the SD / eMMC switch. If you own an XU4 or plan on buying one get this case. The XU4 is still considered a high performance SBC in 2020. It deserves the very best case you can get. This is that case.

hot :)

Very nice case, but it can get very hot to the point that you can’t handle the case.
BUT this was expected.