KKSB Phone/Tablet Stand (Aluminum)


The Phone & Tablet stand has a suitable height for using with a perfect angle of view when using Facetime and YouTube. Designed for elegance and stability, made of solid 6061 aluminum.

The Stand will have a naturally good looking role in your office and home.
It has sturdy & rubber sheet to protect the phone to falling down. Designed for a low center of gravity makes it stable. It has hooks keep the phone in safety, and rubber cushions protect the phone from scratches and sliding.

CompatibilityCompatible with iPhone and Android phones in 4-8 inches, like Switch iPhone 6 6S 7 Plus, HUAWEI, Galaxy S7 S6, Note 6 5, LG, Sony, Nexus, Apple phones, even these phones added phone case. 

Black texture coat and lightweight due to the aluminum. The stand is easy to bring with you. Perfectly works with your smartphones.