Assembly Instruction And Wiring For KKSB Rock 4 C+ Cooler

1. Assemble the 2 brackets. Use the brackets in the KKSB Rock C+ cooler zip bag.


2. Assemble the fan with the fan sticker side against the fins of the cooler. Use the springs for this.

3. It should now look like this.

4. Remove the protection plastic on both sides of the thermal pad and put the thermal pad on the SOC.

5. Use the screws, spacers and nuts to assemble them on the raspberry pi like in the picture below.
6. Go to below instructions for how to wire and setup the PWM fan
a) Rock4Cplus_Android_Fan_script_instruction
b) Rock4Cplus_Debian_Fan_script_instruction

If you wonder how to Assemble this cooler into the KKSB Rock C+ Case Tall, see THIS instruction. (The instruction shows another case model and another SBC but the method is the same.)