Assembly Instruction KKSB Raspberry Pi 4 Case Tall & Rock 4 C+ Case

This case does not include the KKSB high performance cooler. But since it fits with the case we will also go through how to install it in this case.

1. Mount the rubber feet on the bottom of the case. Put the Raspberry Pi 4 into the case

2. Secure it with the screws. (If not intend to use the KKSB cooler). 

2. If you intend to install the KKSB cooler then place the spacers like below.

3. Insert the cooler like in the picture below. Insert it from the side of the case and from the HDMI side of the case.

If you wonder how to assemble the cooler follow THIS assembly instruction.
4. It should look like the image below.

5. Make sure the spacers are aligned and secure the cooler with the 4 screws.

6. Connect the fan wires and set it up according to THIS instruction

7. Assemble the side panels with the screws and insert Micro SD.