KKSB Coral Dev Board Case


KKSB Google Coral Dev Board Case is perfect for you that want to make projects with Google Coral Dev Board and the case provide connections for the ports you need. For example GPIO, Serial console, USB3, Ethernet, 4-Pin stereo terminal, HDMI USB-C data, USB-C Power Headphone jackMicro sd, DSI display & CSI2 camera.

  • The enclosure has a 2 part design and the top part can easily be snapped on to the bottom part.
  • The bottom part is made of Gray anodized aluminium and the top of powder-coated black aluminium. 
  • 4 rubber feet keep the case stable on any surface.
  • The case has 2 holes on the bottom part corresponding to VESA 75mm mount.
  • 4 screws are used to assemble the Dev Board to the bottom part.

You can’t run Google out, can you? The Coral Dev board is the sensational launch from Google. This single-board computer features Mendel Operation System (Google’s exclusive) which is designed to support TensorFlow Lite neural network.

Google Coral also features a complete GPIO to facilitate Input and Output extensions. Physically, Google Coral resembles Raspberry Pi but when you look into the features, you’ll find a number of vital differences.

When you have something this significant, you need to protect it. For proper handling and careful use, we at KKSB introduce our exclusive Coral Dev Board Case. You can’t ask anything better than this because our designers have designed it to perfectly suit your requirements. KKSB Coral Dev Board Case is robust and aesthetically appealing and has a look at the price, you don’t even find a plastic case at this price. 

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