KKSB BeagleBone Case - Brushed Steel


This metal enclosure is well adapted to all the current functions for Beaglebone Black and Sancloud.

Beagleboard approved

Cutouts for USB ports, power jack, ethernet jack, power buttons, MicroHDMI, MicroSD card. The case is compact, robust and clean and protects the board well. On top there is ventilation cutouts to ensure a proper cooling. With two holes in the bottom parts it is possible to wall mount. This is a case fitting for serious users, entusiasts, companies and anyone else. The case is laser cut, made of brown powdercoated steel and a top of brushed stainess steel.


  • Length: 92 mm
  • Width: 58 mm
  • Height: 29 mm


  • Lid & bottom
  • 2 cross head countersunked screws
  • 2 hexagon standoffs