KKSB Raspberry Pi 3 Gothia Case Model 3 B


Now you can get a Raspberry Pi Case 3. Fits into a living room as well as on the desktop and have a cool look. The color is Black & White and can be placed everywhere in a room for a good impression.

Thanks a smart design and smart efficient manufacturing process and lightweight there are not many cases that can compete with the quality compared to the relatively low price.

Minimalistic designed and snaps together easily without screws. The case has a high dimensional accuracy as it is laser cut made of high-grade aluminum.

The cases from KKSB has the roots from the hacker culture in Gothenburg. A group of nerds meeting up and mix ideas between electronic and mechanic.

  • Access to all Raspberry Pi 3/B/Raspberry Pi 2 / Raspberry Pi B+ consumer ports and GSI, camera and GPIO connectors
  • Slots in the top ventilate the case to ensure a proper cooling of the Raspberry Pi case 3 CPU.
  • Aluminum or copper sinks can be used to the case and then acts as an passive CPU heat sink to keep your Pi cool while watching HD movies or old school console gaming via RetroPie. 

The KKSB Raspberry Pi 3 Gothia Case was designed with the Raspberry Pi 3 in mind, but will also work with the Pi 3, 2 and B+.