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KKSB Case for Raspberry Pi 5 – Compatible with Raspberry Pi DigiAMP+ HAT

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This Raspberry Pi 5 Case from KKSB Cases has been designed to complement the audio capabilities of the Raspberry Pi 5 setup. This case fits IQaudio DigiAMP+ Sound Card for Raspberry Pi.

Note: This listing is for the KKSB Case only. Raspberry Pi 5, Sound Card, KKSB DIN Rail Mount Clip, Addons, GPIO Cable and Electronics are NOT included.

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Technical Details
  • Compatible SBC: Raspberry Pi
  • Compatible Sound Card: IQAudio DigiAMP+ Sound Card
  • Supported KKSB Accessories: Compatible with KKSB DIN Rail Mount Clip
  • Material: Sandblasted Anodized Aluminum Case with Powder-Coated Steel Frame
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Enhancing Audio Experience

Designed with precision and versatility in mind, this case provides ample space and seamless integration for your Raspberry Pi 5 with DigiAMP+ sound card, enhancing your audio experience with unparalleled fidelity and flexibility.

Durable Build Quality

Constructed from sandblasted black anodized aluminum and a frame made of powder-coated steel, this case offers durability and stability, ensuring long-lasting protection for your Raspberry Pi. Assembly instructions are conveniently available via scanning the QR code on the product packaging, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free setup process for users.

Some Examples of Possible Applications

  • Home Entertainment System: Utilize the Raspberry Pi 5 and DigiAMP+ combination within the case to create a high-quality home entertainment system. Connect the setup to a TV or monitor, and then use passive stereo speakers to enjoy music, movies, and other multimedia content with excellent sound quality. Users can adjust the audio output according to their preferences with the variable output support.
  • DIY Audio Streaming Solution: Integrate the Raspberry Pi 5 and DigiAMP+ into the case to build a DIY audio streaming solution. With the DigiAMP+'s HiFi audio support, users can stream high-fidelity audio from various sources such as online music streaming services, local media servers, or internet radio stations. This setup can be ideal for audiophiles or anyone looking to create a custom audio streaming setup for their home or office.
  • Interactive Audio Installation: Create an interactive audio installation using the Raspberry Pi 5 and DigiAMP+ combination enclosed in the case. With the powerful capabilities of the Raspberry Pi and the high-quality audio output of the DigiAMP+, users can design interactive audio experiences for art installations, exhibitions, or interactive displays. The variable output support allows for fine-tuning the audio output to suit the specific requirements of the installation.
  • Educational Audio Projects: Use the case with Raspberry Pi 5 and DigiAMP+ for educational purposes, such as teaching students about sound engineering, digital signal processing, or DIY electronics. Students can learn about audio playback, amplifier circuits, and digital-to-analog conversion by building projects using this setup. The compatibility with standard Raspberry Pi boards and the ease of integration make it an ideal platform for educational audio projects in classrooms or maker spaces.

Easy Access and Installation

The cover of the case is removable. You can set it aside to easily set up the cooler and install the sound card without having to struggle with limited space or closed corners.

This metal case for Raspberry Pi 5 includes an external start button, providing convenient access to power your Raspberry Pi without the need to open the case, ensuring ease of use and accessibility. Access for a 40 GPIO cable on the side allows for easy connectivity with other devices and peripherals, simplifying setup and integration into various projects.

Compatibility with Official Raspberry Pi Cooler

Designed to work seamlessly with the official Raspberry Pi cooler, this case for Raspberry Pi 5 ensures efficient cooling for optimal performance and reliability. This Raspberry Pi 5 also supports low-profile cooler with suitable dimensions to fit inside the case. Stackable header, 18mm and 20mm spacers are included in the box. These spacers help to free up space between the cooler and the sound card mounted on top. The extra space allows proper airflow to complement heat dissipation. 

With plenty of ventilation slots on both side panels, heat dissipation is improved, allowing for optimal performance of your Raspberry Pi 5 even during intensive tasks or in warm environments.

Compatible with the KKSB DIN Rail Mount Clip

The base of the case is compatible with the KKSB DIN Rail Mount Clip (Not Included). This feature with lets you mount the case onto a 35mm Top HAT Rail.

This Raspberry Pi 5 Case for Raspberry Pi IQAudio DigiAPM+ Sound Card is designed in a way that you can use it in most settings without requiring hectic modifications. The case comes with rubber feet for better non-slip grip on most surfaces. You can use the two keyholes for wall mounting to save space.

Items Included

  • KKSB Case for Raspberry Pi 5 and IQAudio DigiAMP+
  • Spacers
  • Stackable Header
  • Rubber Feet

Raspberry Pi 5, Sound Card, KKSB DIN Rail Mount Clip, Addons, GPIO Cable and Electronics are NOT included. 

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