Assembly Instruction KKSB Raspberry Pi 5 Case for HATs and Coolers

1. Mount the rubber feet.
a) Assemble the cooler on the Raspberry Pi 5.
b) Assemble the stackable 40 pin gpio header.
3. Assemble the 4 spacers. Different HATs has different length on their onboard GPIO headers. To most versions you can either use the 4 shorter brass spacers (18mm) or the taller stainless steel spacers(20mm)
Example of when to use brass spacers:

Example of when to use stainless steel spacers:

3. In this step we are using the Pimoroni NVMe HAT. But the steps are similar for all HATs. 
a) Connect the Cable the the Pi5 and the HAT.

b)The Pimoroni NVME will be assembled upside down like the below image. Secure the HAT with the 4 pan head screws.
4. Below are some steps of how to fit most types of HATs with connectors.  You can remove parts of the ventilation slots with a flat screwdriver.

a) Put together the HAT and position the side panel above the connectors to identify which slots need to be taken ou
5. Put together the side panels with the bottom piece and then Put together the top part.