Assembly Instruction KKSB Khadas VIM4 Desktop Case

If you are stuck in any steps. Always feel free to contact us at

1. The case comes partly pre-assembled. You will receive the case and a cooling tower for raspberry pi. Only a few parts will be used use from the Raspberry pi cooler kit. Read and follow the instruction for information about exactly what parts you need to use.

a) Remove the lid of the case and take out the parts inside.

b) Put the blue thicker thermal pad on the VIM4 Soc. Do not use the thinner thermal tape that comes with the cooler.

c) Assemble the fat to the cooler with the 2 springs. The sticker side of the fan should be in contact with the cooler. Assemble now cooler to the middle bracket with the 4 screws. use the image below as support of direction.

d) Assemble the VIM4 together with the M2X Extension board. (you can also skip this if you don't intend to use the M2X Extension board.e) Use the spacers, screws and nuts to assemble like the below picture

2. Wireing and fan settings

Follow one of the below links for how to connect and set up the fan.



3. Install the 3 push buttons into the case from inside.

4. Install the computer package into the case

5. Now screw it all together.

If you are stuck in any steps. Always feel free to contact us at