KKSB Raspberry Pi 4 Case Aluminium

Wondering where to buy your Raspberry Pi 4 Case?

This Raspberry Pi 4 chassis is made of a solid aluminium block and all surfaces are CNC machined. This makes the case precise and stylish and the manufacturing technology enables straight/angular geometries and has a different feel than cheaper cast aluminium housings.

The large case body acts as a heat sink and therefore no extra fans. This heat sink has direct contact with the Raspberry Pi CPU and transmits the heat and cools the processor. The Raspberry Pi 4 is more powerful than the RPI3 and can be overheated more easily, therefore we recommend some kind of cooling solution for more demanding applications such as gaming, etc. The thermal pad compensates for all tolerances and makes the heat transmission efficient. This case is already a good cooling solution and you can feel confident keeping your CPU cool for a long time and will never overheat.

The bottom cover is easy to screw into the solid aluminium block and the rubber feet make the casing stable on most surfaces.

The colour is a decorative grey hair anodized aluminium.

Items included:

- 2 fluorescent lamps for LED indication
- Four screws for mounting top and bottom.
- 4 rubber feet

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Radioamatör OH4UR

Jag har köpt två KKSB Chassin.
Trevliga lådor för båda modellerna.

Great Product

I like this a lot. Although I was expecting there to be three "columns" on the inside, for heat dissipation, the Pi still runs almost 10 °F cooler than it did without the case. In the future, I would love to see a version of this case that will accommodate a fan.