KKSB Raspberry Pi 3 Metal Case - Black - Product reviews from MODMYPI | KKSB Cases

KKSB Raspberry Pi 3 Metal Case - Black - Product reviews from MODMYPI

This is what is written about our case at MODMYPI:

The KKSB full metal enclosures are designed to protect your Raspberry Pi's in rugged environments. Designed is Sweden, these cases are compact, robust and clean. It's a case designed for serious users in industrial applications, or those who want an especially good looking case for their Raspberry Pi! The case is laser cut stainless steel which is then powdercoated, with cut-outs to enable access to all connectors on the Raspberry Pi.

Unlike other metal cases, the KSSB case features a cut-out for the WiFi/Blutooth antenna, which results in minimal signal loss ~ RSSI measured signal reductions around 1-10% compared with a board without case. This case also includes a side exit slot side for a ribbon cable to be fitted to the board’s 40 pin GPIO header, in addition to a cut-out for the Raspberry Pi camera module. The board is clamped with two hexagonal standoffs and the lid is attached to these standoffs and with countersunk hex screws, leaving a smooth finish. ​


  • Length: 92 mm
  • Width: 61 mm
  • Height: 29 mm

KKSB Raspberry Pi 3 Metal Case - Black - Product Review

Vince on 05/08/2016

Very nice and sturdy metal RB-pi case. My RB-Pi 3 fits perfectly and is well protected. It is kind of tricky to install the board in the case due to the tight fit but this ensures that the board is locked firmly into place. I did not experience any significant loss in wireless connectivity. The only down side is the low quality of the fixing and standoff bolts. The product only contained two of these standoffs but this is acceptable due to the low price of the product. I replaced the included bolts by four brass 16 mm M2,5 standoff bolts which fit perfectly. Overall nice product.

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