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KKSB Case Modification

​During the last year the Raspberry Pi Foundation has continued their effort to improve the graphics drivers for all computers they make. Not only adding all flavors of OpenGL, but also improving the H.264 decoding performance. The Raspberry Pi is now an excellent alternative to the more expensive and bulkier X86 alternatives for many AV industrial applications.

Attachment of Raspberry Pi to Industrial Monitor

​In one project our customer decided to modify the case to replace the steel colored screws and add magnets so the case easily could be attached/detached to an industrial monitor. The look is very solid and will impress anyone working in the digital signage business.

In order to do the modification yourself you need:

  • 2 (18x2.5x6mm) hex standoffs (the case comes with the other 2 you need)
  • 4 (3x6x0,5mm) discs between the case and the magnet)
  • 8 (5x2.5mm) black hex screws
  • 4 (8x2mm) screw mountable neodymium magnets per case

KKSB Case Modification


Are you interested in Raspberry Pi Metal Case Model 3? We can also create a custom Raspberry Pi case.

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