STM32 QFP64 Programmer Adapter

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Download STM32-QFP64 Schematics

This simple board comes with a Test and Burn-In socket and is compatible with the STM32 microcontroller. The Yamaichi STM32-QFP64 programmer adapter comes JTAG / SWD 20-Pin port and supports the USART1 4-Pin interface for programming and testing.

Features of STM32-QFP64 Programmer Adapter

  • Crystal Oscillator Onboard 32.768K
  • Onboard Socket to connect system clock with the external crystal
  • JTAG / SWD 20-Pin Port and USART1 4-Pin Interface for testing and programming
  • Access to all MCU pins through expansion connectors | 2.54mm (100 mil) Pin Header Pitch
  • LED indicators (x2) for testing | connect to the I / O Pins through jumpers

Compatible Devices

The STM32-QFP64 Programmer Adapter is compatible with the STM32 microcontroller in QFP64 (0.5mm Pitch):

  • STM32L1xxR Series | STM32L152RB and STM32L151R8, etc.
  • STM32F4xxR Series | STM32F415RB and STM32F407RC, etc.
  • STM32F0xxR Series | STM32F051RB and STM32F051RC, etc.
  • STM32F3xxR Series | STM32F373RB and STM32F303R8, etc.
  • STM32F2xxR Series | STM32F215RB and STM32F207RC, etc.
  • STM32F1xxR Series | STM32F100RB and STM32F103RC, etc.

Make sure to configure the onboard Device Selection Jumpers according to the STM32 version you want to program.

STM32-QFP64 Hardware Layout

  1. JTAG / SWD Port
  • For testing, debugging, and programming
  • Compatible with J-LINK, ST-LINK, STX-RLINK, and ULINK2
  1. USART1 Port
  • For Serial port debugging
  • ISP interface support
  1. LED Indicators
  • Quick testing
  1. Pin Headers
  • Connection to MCU pins
  • Clear onboard marking and labels
  • Support further expansion
  • Easy testing
  1. Boot Mode Configuration
  • Configure BOOT1 and BOOT0 using jumpers
  1. AMS1117-3.3 Onboard 3.3V Voltage Regulator
  2. Power Input 5V (2-pin Header or DC Jack support)
  3. External Crystal Socket
  • Leave the middle hole and insert the crystal into the holes on the two sides
  1. Power Indicator
  2. Device Selection Jumpers
  • Short the Lower Headers for STM32F4xx and STM32F2xx Series
  • Short the Upper Headers for STM32L1xx, STM32F1xx, STM32Fxx, and STM32F05x Series
  1. LED Jumpers
  • Short the jumpers for connection between the LEDs and MCU I/O pins for testing
  • Open the jumpers to disconnect the LEDs from MCU I/O pins
  1. Onboard Crystal 32.768K (on the back side)
  • For internal RTC with calibration

JTAG / SWD Connector Layout

Boot Mode Configuration

Dimensions (Reference Unit = mm.)

  • Pitch: 0.5mm
  • Pins: 64
  • A x B: 10mm x 10mm
  • C x D: 12mm x 12mm
  • E: 11.3mm
  • G x H: 32mm x 35mm

Items Included

  • STM32-QFP64 Programmer Adapter
  • USB Power Cable

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Customer Reviews

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