Servo (PWM) Expansion


Are you still waiting for additional Pulse Width Modulation support for Omega? Here comes Servo (PWM) Expansion with amazing features to help Omega’s functionality and enable you to get much better results than ever before. The expansion features 16PWM channels to help Omega to establish direct connection with servos. Each PWM channel on Servo (PWM) Expansion for Omega, features 3-Pin connectors. The expansion is the need of the hour as most of the projects require a reliable connection with different servos. It brings impressive support for the projects anything featuring moving parts, for instance, DC motors and robotics. 

Servo (PWM) Expansion Specifications 

  • The expansion features 16 PWM Channels
  • Each PWM channel contains 3-pins
  • 12-bits Pulse Width Modulation Signal Resolution
  • A resolution of 4.9us at 50Hz
  • Supports 24Hz of minimum PWM signal frequency
  • A maximum of 1526Hz PWM signal frequency

Servo (PWM) Expansion Features 

  • Allows you to control LEDs with precision
  • The H-Bridge makes this expansion highly suitable for the projects involving moving devices
  • You can drive a DC motor with the help of this expansion
  • Efficiently control the movement of various parts of a robot
  • Quick and easy servo connection saves your time when starting a project
  • Helps you to control the intensity of LEDs. You can use this feature to demonstrate an impressive light show 

Servo (PWM) Omega Expansion Description 

The oscillator (built-in) enables the expansion to support the PWM signal frequency across a wider range i.e. from 24Hz min. to 1526Hz max. Once generated, the free running signals don’t need consistent commands and will follow the set duty cycle. You can set independent duty cycles for different PWM channels or if you want, you can also allocate one duty cycle to all of the channels. 


Servo (PWM) Expansion is not compatible with the Docks without expansion headers.