RC522 RFID Card Sensor Module Kit

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Equipped with the latest MF522-AN module, the RC522 RFID Card Sensor is an amazing release to help experienced developers create amazing Apps. You can easily load RFID RC522 Card Sensor into various molds.


  • Supports 10mA to 13mA Idle current with 3.3V DC
  • Supports 13mA to 26mA Current
  • <80uA Sleep Current
  • <30mA Peak Current
  • Features 13.56MHz Operating Frequency
  • Compatible with:
  • Mifare1 S50
  • Mifare UltraLight
  • Mifare1 S70
  • Mifare Pro
  • Mifare Desfire
  • Environmental Operating Temperature rages from 20 Degrees (Celsius) to 80 Degrees (Celsius)
  • Environmental Storage Temperature ranges from 40 Degrees (Celsius) to 85 Degrees Celsius
  • 5% to 95% Relative Humidity Percentage
  • Compatibility with SPI Interface
  • 10Mbit/sec. Data Transfer
  • Relatively smaller size i.e. 40x60mm

Unboxing the RC522 RFID Card Sensor

The RC522 RFID Kit contains

  • 1x RC522 RFID card sensor module
  • 1x S50 Card
  • 1 x S50 blank card (Standard)
  • Pins (Vertical and Curved row)
  • Reference guide


This RFID card sensor module is arguably the best option available for the developers looking to make things easier to develop high-quality Apps. With the help of 13.56MHz frequency, the sensor performs exceptionally well. The smaller size requires comparatively less voltage.

If you are looking for something efficient with contactless passive communication then you must consider RC522-RFID card sensor as a top priority. The ISO14443A helps flawless detection of errors. It is also compatible with Quick CRYPT01 algorithm. 424kbit/sec. signifies an impressive data transfer rate (two-way).

The chip design duplicates the MFRC522 (from Philips). It is economical, easy to operate and suitable for most of the advanced modulation/demodulation projects. As far as the credibility and performance are concerned, RC522-RFID card sensor module hits the top ratings as per the reviews from experienced developers. You don’t come across a reliable blend of price and quality, every day! 


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