Real Time Clock Module


DS3231 Real Time Precision Clock for Raspberry Pi

Often it happens, for one reason or the other that even the best products require the assistance from to make up for the features they lack. Same is the case with Raspberry Pi boards as they miss a Real-Time Clock. Why get disappointed? We now have a perfect solution to upgrade any Raspberry Pi board, thanks to the impressive DS3231 Real Time Precision Clock.


  • Features uninterrupted backup for the battery
  • Requires low-power i.e. from 3.3V to 5V. Thanks to auto-adjust, DS3131 RTC doesn’t require level conversion.  
  • Performs well at different temperatures. Tested and verified from -40°C to 80°C
  • An impressive timing accuracy i.e.  +/- 0.432 sec/day
  • Also compatible with motherboards
  • Features detailed statistics telling each and everything from seconds to year. (Till the year 2100)
  • Features a couple of calendar alarms
  • Features an output of 1Hz & 32.768kHz
  • I2C serial bus operating at 400kHz
  • Certified by the prestigious Underwater Laboratories
  • Smaller size i.e. 13.6mmx13.7mm

DS3231 Real Time Clock for Raspberry Pi 

The issue with the Raspberry Pi boards is that the lack of a RTC forces the system to seek help from Network Time Protocol (NTP Server) to update the time whenever the system is turned ON. It means that if at any time, there is no network connectivity, Raspberry Pi doesn’t have an alternative in order to determine the exact time. In ordinary (non-professional) circumstances it may not be a considerable problem but if you are working on a time-sensitive project, the lack of an RTC will hurt the most. 

DS3231 Real Time Clock is an incredible solution. It is by no means an ordinary solution because the precision level is unexpectedly higher. If you think that time-precision means something to you, don’t let go this economical solution.