Raspberry Pi Sense Hat


Interested in amazing your friends by doing modern-day miracles? Raspberry Pi Sense HAT is there to serve. It is an add-on board compatible with the Raspberry Pi models and is specifically designed to facilitate Astro Pi missions. Things are no secret these days! The incredibly efficient Sense HAT is now available for public.



  • Accelerometer (Liner sensor 2/4/8/16 g)
  • Gyroscope (angular rate sensor 245/500/2k dps)
  • Magnetometer (Gauss sensor 4/8/12/16)
  • 260-1260 hPa Barometer (0.1 hPa accuracy under perfect conditions but the accuracy may suffer with the change in pressure and temperature)
  •  0 to 65-Degree Celsius temperature sensor with an impressive 2°C accuracy
  • With an accuracy of 4.5% from 20-80%rH, the humidity sensor performs exceptionally well and accuracy becomes even better i.e. 0.5°C in the case of 15-40 Degree Celsius
  • 8x8 display (LED matrix)
  • Comfortable handling of joystick featuring 5 buttons
  • 20.4-grams, you couldn’t have asked for something lighter than this!
  • 65.1x56.6x13.9mm

Why Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

Have you ever dreamt of visiting the space? A few years back, most of us fancied 0.001% chances but Raspberry has turned the tables around. This magnificent Sense HAT is ready to take you on a fictional journey, allowing you to control the hardware just as the astronauts do in space. 

You can mount Raspberry Pi Sense HAT to a Raspberry Pi board with the help of a 40-pin GPIO reference card. Once attached and ready to go, the Sense HAT will serve you in various ways. You are free to do different experiments with the games and even Apps. Raspberry Pi Sense HAT is so effective and powerful that the International Space Station also uses it to perform scientific experiments in under different conditions. It is the time to learn, enjoy and explore the unseen, unexplored and hidden; get ready!