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Raspberry Pi Foundation has finally made some encouraging adjustments to the Raspberry Pi Model B product line. Since the introduction of Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, the company took nearly 6 years to finally release an SBC that is capable of supporting some desktop features.

Raspberry Pi 4 is different from its predecessors because it supports spreadsheet juggling, drafting of presentations, editing documents, and opening multiple tabs for convenient browsing. Raspberry Pi 4 Model B has the standard Raspberry Pi SBC size. The form factor is different in terms of positioning of some components and the replacement of a few interfaces. It is suitable for all Raspberry Pi users who want to enjoy the desktop-like experience on a Single Board Computer. Raspberry Pi 4 is low-cost and energy-efficient in comparison to a desktop.

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Specifications of Raspberry Pi 4


·         Broadcom ARM v8 BCM2711 SoC

·         Quad-Core

·         Coretex-A72

·         64-bit @ 1.5GHz


·         8GB SDRAM

·         LPDDR4-3200


·         IEEE 802.11ac Wireless (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz)

·         Bluetooth 5.0

·         BLE Gigabit Ethernet


·         2x USB 3.0

·         2x USB 2.0


·         40-Pin Header (Standard Raspberry Pi)

·         Compatible with older Raspberry Pi models (fully backward compatible)

Display Connector

·         2-Lane MIPI DSI

Camera Connector

·         2-Lane MIPI SCI

Video Support

·         4-Pole Port supports stereo audio and composite video

·         2x Micro-HDMI (Up to 4Kp60 supported)

·         H.265 4Kp60 decode

·         H264 1080p30 encode | 1080p60 decode

·         OpenGL ES 3.0 Graphics support


·         3A (Minimum) DC 5V via GPIO Header

·         3A (Minimum) DC 5V via USB-C (MicroUSB has been replaced with USB-C)

·         2.5A power supply (good quality) works if the downstream USB peripherals consume less than (total) 500mA


·         Micro SD Card Slot

·         Loads Operating System

·         Data Storage


·         A separate PoE HAT is required for Power over Ethernet (PoE HAT is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4)

Operating Temperature

·         0oC to 50oC


·         45 grams / 1.6 ounces


·         85mm x 56mm x 17mm

Raspberry Pi 4B Drawing 

A bird’s eye view doesn’t notice all the adjustments Raspberry Pi Foundation has made to make Raspberry Pi 4 a reliable upgrade. If you focus on the form factor, you will realize that there are some significant upgrades to Raspberry Pi 4 Model B that are not available on any other Raspberry Pi SBC so far.

Efficient Power Consumption

Previous Raspberry Pi models had a Micro-B port to receive power supply but Raspberry Pi 4 has USB-C. Due to this upgrade, 1.2A is supplied to the downstream USB devices because USB-C manages to supply the additional 500mA. So, the power doesn’t fluctuate even if the processor is dealing with a heavy load.

Type-D Micro HDMI

Raspberry Pi 4 features a couple of Type-D Micro HDMI connectors instead of the full-size HDMI (Type-A) you get with the earlier Raspberry Pi SBCs.

Compatible with the PoE HAT

The previous Raspberry Pi models had the Ethernet at the bottom-right but Raspberry Pi 4 Model B has the Gigabit Ethernet Magjack at the top-right. This adjustment makes PCB routing simple. The position of the PoE connector remains the same and this is because Raspberry Pi 4 requires PoE HAT to support Power over Ethernet.

4Gbps Bandwidth for USB Ports

The Express Gen 2-Lane Single PCI facilitates 4x USB interfaces (External VLI controller support) with a total of 4Gbps bandwidth.

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  • Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB (x1)

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