Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

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Raspberry upgrades its Pi line by extending its 3rd-generation with Pi 3 B. The outlook is pretty much identical to that of Pi 2 B. The board looks the same, size is also identical to the previous model. The real difference is hidden in the processing power, performance, connectivity and speed. This tiny factory could be your new App programming source. If you still doubt the power of IoT (Internet of Things) then try Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

What is New with Pi 3 Model B?

·        Faster Processing

The impressive 1.2 GHz processor is way faster than that of Raspberry Pi. Good news for the consistent users, Pi 3 Model B doesn’t heat up as much as the previous models. Some experts also claim that Pi 3 doesn’t even need a heatsink but this argument is debatable.

·        Better Connectivity

Onboard connectivity is one of the major determinants to justify the utility of Raspberry Pi models. The new Pi 3 Model B is equipped with some latest and upgraded connectivity features. You don’t require external devices to set the desired connections.


  • Video-Core IV co-processor enhances multimedia performance
  • Quad-Core ARM (64-bit) Cortex-A53
  • Wireless LAN (802.11 b/g/n)
  • BCM2837 compatible with 1.2GHz
  • Low Energy/Classic Bluetooth 4.1
  • LPDDR2 (1GB)
  • Compatible with Windows 10 (IoT), GNU/Linux and ARM
  • 5A Power Supply with Micro-USB Connectivity
  • USB 2.0 (4 ports)
  • Supports 40-pin GPIO Reference Card
  • 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • RCA A/V Connector
  • HDMI A/V Connector
  • CSI Camera Connector
  • DSI Display Connector
  • Chip Antenna
  • Compact size (85mm x 5mm x 17mm)

Why Raspberry Pi?

With an aim to offer simple and efficient programming facility to the students and newbies, Raspberry began the quest on helping people out so that many of the users could become professional developers. Raspberry Pi boards have earned huge credibility across the globe and you’ll never regret bringing one to your room.

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