Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+

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If you are searching for a Raspberry Pi with more GPIO pins, lesser power consumption, an enhanced audio and efficient connectivity then you need to have a look at Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+.


  • Supports 40-pin GPIO reference card
  • The configuration for the initial 26 pins is same as it was for both, Model A and Model B
  •  The new Micro SD push-push replaces the conventional frictional fit socket for SD card
  • You are not going to see the linear regulators. This upgraded Pi A+ brings switching regulators and this is the secret of A+ consuming lesser power
  • The new power supply (dedicated low-noise) helps audio circuit to achieve better sound quality
  • The USB connectors now move to the edges of the board which gives the whole component a nicer look
  • 3.5mm jack now holds the composite video
  • Pi A+ is smaller (2cm shorter) than Model A
  • The mounting holes (4) are now arranged nicely in a rectangular shape 

Minimalism: The Order of the Day 

Things are getting smaller and simpler by each passing day and this is what we see with the minimalist design of Raspberry Pi Model A+. The processor is same as we saw with Pi Model B+. In addition to the smaller size, the minimum use of power supply is another indication of how minimalist design helps making things more economical yet effective at the same time. The dimensions of Pi Model A+ have been reduced by getting rid of the Ethernet jack. 

The impressive combination of ARM (700MHz) with 256MB-512MB RAM literally makes this model an A+ product. As far as Pi Model A is concerned, it aimed at educating the fresh users. Pi Model A+ is definitely targeting the IoT. You can attach a USB hub to this model if you really feel the need.