Proto Shield Rev3 (Uno Size)

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Proto Shield Rev3 (Uno Size)

Good news for the electro-coding geeks! Arduino offers yet another Proto Shield revision to make things easier when designing circuits as per your likings. Proto Shield Rev (Uno Size) helps you to come up with innovative ideas to experiment with new circuit designs. The Rev3 Proto Shield features better soldering options for SMD ICS and TH. Though the size is small but it offers enough space for the accommodation of SOIC 24 pins (max) on SMD area. On the other hand, the TH area is large enough to incorporate various components you might need while going through experimentation and projects.

Proto Shield Rev3 (Uno Size) Specifications

·         Rev3 Proto Shield features 1.0 Pinout (Arduino)

·         The board contains an ICSP connector footprint

·         A couple of LEDs

·         Resistor footprint

·         The revised Proto Shield also features SPI signal pads

·         The board support 24 pin SMD (max) footprint featuring a 50-Mils-Pitch displacement

·         L x W = 68.58mm x 53.34mm

·         3 screw holes help the board mount on a case nice and tight

Proto Shield Rev3 (Uno Size) Description

While working on a solderless operation, this Arduino Proto Shield allows you to connect a mini breadboard, if required. The Proto Area has enough space to accommodate the mini breadboard. A couple of powerlines including to the Proto Area are i. GND ii. IOREF. Other components on the Proto Area includes Signal Breakout pads and a couple of LED pads. 

For the power supply, the Proto Shield Rev3 requires GND and IOREF pins (Arduino Standard). The pins need a connection with a couple of power bus rows. As far as the ICSP connectors are concerned, make sure that you wire only GNC and 5V connectors. The size is pretty compact i.e. 2.7” x 2.1” but don’t expect it to be as small as Nano or Mini.