Power Dock 2

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Power Dock 2

Power Dock is makes a powerful comeback with the revised version. With features almost same as of the Power Dock, the revised version offers something more. The Power Dock 2 empowers Omega with voltage measuring feature supported by an ADC. Like the previous version, the revised Power Dock is also compatible with a LiPi (3.7V) battery. The form factor is small, just as we have with the Expansion Dock. It means that once the battery is removed, you can use the Power Dock 2 like an Expansion Dock. In absence of the battery, you can power the Dock with Micro USB but make sure to use less than 8” cable for this purpose.

Power Dock 2 Specifications

·         The Reset Button Reflashes the Omega module whenever required (Also support factory restoration, once pressed for 10 seconds)

·         ADC helps measuring LiPo voltage level

·         Comes with a JST-PH battery connector (compatible with LiPo 3.7V)

·         Contains a Power Switch to ON/OFF Omega module

·         An Expansion Header (30 Pin)

·         USB-A  Port allows Omega’s connection with USB devices

·         Features one Micro USB Port

Power Dock 2 Features

·         Allows you to free GPIO pins on the Expansion Headers. It makes it possible to connect additional expansions to increase the functionality of Omega module during the projects.

·         You can now connect a different USB devices via Micro USB port.

·         You can also use GPIO pins on Omega to control Dock’s RGB LEDs.

·         Reset Omega instantly by pressing the Reset Button. If you want to restore the factory settings, you’ll have to keep the Reset Button pressed for 10 seconds.

·         The Power Switch allows you to turn the Module ON/OFF as per your desire.

·         Keep an eye on the voltage level of the LiPo (3.7V) battery, thanks to ADC.


This offer doesn’t include the LiPo battery.