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Orange Pi Zero NAS

If you think that Orange Pi Zero family is lacking something then here is the remedy. Orange Pi Zero NAS expansion brings you the perfect solution. This is the perfect companion for your H2+ Quad-Core Cortex-A7 board. Orange Pi Zero NAS Expansion comes with a couple of additional USB ports, mSATA and SATA, AV port to support SSD and Hard Drive, and it also allows the connection with the TV thanks to the composite input.


  • 1x mSATA port supported by the JMS578 USB 3.1
  • 1x SATA port
  • UAS support for SATA bridging
  • 2x 2.0 USB Ports
  • 3.5mm AV Jack
  • TBC Composite Video
  • Stereo Audio Support
  • IR Receiver
  • Microphone Support
  • 13-Pin Female Header to connect with Orange Pi Zero Board


Orange Pi Zero NAS Expansion doesn’t require special arrangements for SATA support. It automatically acts just like a mass storage device just as a USB. The arrangement is simple, set up processes is easy and you can find dozens of step by step tutorials to get things ready for Orange Pi Zero NAS. Experts suggest that it’ll be better to start with either Debian, Armbian or Ubuntu.