On Off Button


USB to Micro USB Power Charging Cable with ON/ OFF Switch

ON/OFF…ON/OFF!!! Here comes the most favourite switching activity will the most sought after connectivity/charging features. The new USB to Micro USB Power Charging Cable with ON/OFF Switch features a 1.5m cable to enable you charge Raspberry Pi boards. You may plug the cable with either 5V 2A or a 5V 1A USB port. Connect the Micro B end to the Pi board and its ready to work. 


  • It is convenient and reliable
  • Forget the annoying practice of pulling the cable out before restarting the system
  • 5-feet long cable (1.5m)
  • No risk of damaging the USB connector as you don’t need to pull it out frequently (thanks to the ON/OFF switch) 
  • Reliable wire (22AWG)
  • Switch dimensions: 43x15x12mm 


Please bear in mind that this charging cable doesn’t support data transfer

The good news is that USB to Micro USB power Cable is compatible with all devices containing Micro USB port. If you need a reliable solution to charge different devices, you can rely on this one.

Nostalgic Effect 

The ON/OFF switch features a nostalgic effect. It doesn’t mean that you need to keep playing by consistently turning it On/Off but its presence adds a nice conventional touch.

The 1.5m cable is also compatible with an Ultra HQ USB Power Supply. 22AWG value suggests that the cable is safe and reliable to easily handle >2A. 

This is a good purchase; the comparison of the price with the value it brings to your life suggests that the customers will never regret buying a piece. The convenience of connectivity is everything you need to work with the computers these days. Frequently having to plug and unplug the wires becomes annoying and irritating at time. The On/Off switch is definitely a smart addition and a welcome revival of the conventional switch.