Officially Raspberry Pi 3 Case


The Official Raspberry Pi 3 Case

This cute little programming guru is finally here. The official Raspberry Pi 3 Case, apart from its amazingly beautiful design, carries extraordinary features never seen before in its predecessors. This beautiful looking case is designed for better protection of the components inside. You can remove the side panel to reach the GPIO. 

The latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is something more than conventional. If you are on a shoestring budget then Pi 3 is on offer, ready to serve you. More and more programmers are now trusting Raspberry Pi to do things which they’d never done before. Professionals have gone so far with this tiny guru to make laptops, phone, and even robots. Sounds a bluff? Try it! Sometimes things seem too complex until you try them to find out the power of the modern technology.

Raspberry Pi 3 Features 

The official Raspberry Pi 3 carries the following features:

  • Lightweight (50 grams)
  • Compact size (10cmx7cmx3cm) or (96x71x26mm)
  • GPIO access lid
  • Camera
  • Display connectivity
  • LED light protection
  • Ensures extra stability by sticking to the rubber feet 

What is Raspberry Pi?

Don’t forget that Raspberry Pi is not a complete whole in itself. You need to connect it with a monitor and supply the required power. For those who are still unaware of Raspberry Pi; this exceptionally small size computer is available at a shoestring budget. The objective is to teach the youngsters the art of programming and enable them to do what they see professionals doing to amaze others. The device features a free Raspberry Operating System. It has become a very popular device to teach and learn programming and schools are making most of it by teaching their kids the basic programming skills. If you don’t want to depend on software gurus then this is the time to become one. The official Raspberry Pi 3 is ready to serve!